Cosmetic Surgery for Men

    Once thought of as a treatment only for women, cosmetic surgery has gained in popularity with men around the world. As more men seek to fight the signs of aging and enhance their appearance, this trend will continue with more procedures adjusted for men’s unique profiles. Here, we’ve outlined common types of cosmetic surgery men are seeking out and how they can influence their look. 

    Types of Cosmetic Surgery for Men

    Men have different needs than women when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Certain types of procedures are better designed or adapted to fit those needs.


    Botox is a neurotoxin that relaxes the muscles in the face where it is injected. It can temporarily reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Men often turn to Botox to get rid of crow’s feet and wrinkles in the forehead, which can make them appear older. They may also use Botox for lines around the mouth.

    Botox can also reduce bands around the neck and soften a jawline that is too square. It lifts the corners of the mouth to prevent that permanent frown that often accompanies getting older.

    Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

    The eyes are often the first area to show signs of aging. When the skin begins to droop and sag, it can create a tired look. Eyelid surgery helps smooth the skin around the eyes, correcting skin that is drooping on the upper and lower lids.

    This procedure also improves bags under the eyes, smooths out wrinkles around the eyes, and removes fatty deposits that make the eyes look puffy. After eyelid surgery, a man can look significantly younger and more alert and well-rested.


    Liposuction has become quite popular for men who may work out and be in decent shape but can’t get rid of excess fatty deposits in one or more areas. This procedure can reshape certain parts of the body and make you appear slimmer. It’s most commonly performed on the abdomen and waist, thighs, hips and buttocks, and back. It can also be done on the arms and legs as well as the cheeks, neck, and chin.

    Many times, a man will want a neck lift along with liposuction along the neck area. The lift will tighten up loose skin to add contour to the chin and jawline.

    Gynecomastia Surgery

    This surgery is designed specifically for men to reduce excess fat and tissue that gives the appearance of breasts. Men who have one or both overdeveloped breasts may seek out this procedure to address feeling of self-consciousness and to create a more masculine body shape. 

    Gynecomastia can as a result of hormonal changes or obesity. It can also be hereditary and develop at any age. The surgery flattens the breasts to create a more contoured chest.

    Chin and Jaw Implants

    One of the most masculine features on a man is his jawline. A defined jawline can be achieved with implants if a man doesn’t have it naturally. Some men lose their strong jawline with excess fat and loose skin, which can be improved through liposuction and a neck lift. For others who never had that defined jawline, implants may be the best answer.

    Fillers and Injectables

    For men who are hesitant about a surgical procedure, fillers and injectables give them the opportunity to see results quickly with less commitment. These dermal fillers can be used to reduce fine lines and deeper wrinkles along the forehead, around the eyes and mouth, or along the cheeks.

    Most fillers last for up to 12 months with some showing results for over a year. The time and cost commitment are much less than with plastic surgery. It can give the patient a chance to decide if they want to take the next step for a face lift or other plastic surgery procedure.

    Why a Man Would Seek Cosmetic Surgery – and the Most Popular Procedures

    A man may choose cosmetic surgery for many reasons. A common factor is the need to find a new job or compete with younger co-workers. Some men worry that as they age, they may become obsolete or be seen as out of touch in their companies – so they seek out surgeries that help them look younger and feel more self-confident.

    For other men, they may have gone through a divorce and be out on the dating scene again. To capture the attention of someone and to feel more confident in their ability to attract a partner, they start working out at a gym, eating healthier, and investing in their appearance.

    Men may not need a career or relationship change to decide to get cosmetic surgery. Middle age may have them feeling dissatisfied with how they look, which leads them to do something about it. As more men seek out cosmetic surgery, it has lost much of its stigma, allowing even more men to look at these procedures in a new light.

    The most common types of cosmetic surgery for men include the following:

    • Botox
    • Liposuction
    • Chin and jaw implants
    • Gynecomastia surgery
    • Dermal fillers

    As more men see the value in these and other procedures, male cosmetic surgery will continue to expand as an industry.

    How a Man Looking to Have Cosmetic Surgery Should Prepare for the Initial Intake Appointment

    Before you have cosmetic surgery, you will need to attend an initial consultation with a licensed medical professional. At this appointment, the doctor will ask why you want to have the procedure and what you hope to achieve. These answers will frame much of their consultation with you, so consider your answers beforehand. Plastic surgeons want to ensure that you have realistic expectations and that you have thought through what will happen.

    You should be upfront and candid with your doctor about the changes you want to make. Your doctor will also perform an examination to evaluate your physical and mental health. They will take photographs of you before the surgery and discuss the best options available to help you meet your physical goals.

    Your doctor will talk about the type of anesthesia used (f applicable) and any possible risks or side effects of a given procedure. They will talk about the costs and provide an estimate on your procedure. It’s at this point you should discuss whether your insurance will cover the costs, if you will be paying cash, or if there is financing available.

    As you prepare for your consultation, you should make a list of any questions you have. Bring along a list of your medications if you take any and include information about your medical or family history that the doctor should be aware of.

    Ask your doctor about recovery, any concerns you should have, and what to expect after the procedure. Find out if you will need to take off from work and for how long as well as any other restrictions that will be in place.

    Don’t hesitate to ask how many times the doctor has performed these procedures on men. Men’s and women’s needs are different with cosmetic surgery, and you want to know your surgeon understands how to get the best results for you. They should show you some before and after photos of other patients who have undergone the type of plastic surgery you are getting. If they don’t offer, feel free to ask to see them.

    Choose a board-certified surgeon in who has experience to ensure you get the best results possible. Plastic surgery for men can make you feel good about the way you look with the right team.

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