Emotional and Physical Struggles of Modern Women With Large Breasts

    Ariel Winter popularly known as “Alex Dunphy” from the television series “Modern Family” had been struggling with large breasts for quite a while now. Every time she made a red carpet appearance, instead of enjoying the walk, she would be worried about the whispers, the stares and the rumors. The seventeen year old star knew her job well, to act and pretend and ignore whatever she saw or heard. Even though she pretended that all this weird and negative attention did not bother her, deep inside, she was struggling with an emotional as well as a physical battle. The petite actress was fighting and dealing with an awkward growth. She had difficulty finding clothes and bras that fit her size. Besides the emotional stress; the physical pain that she endured on a regular basis was intense. She was found hunching on the sets when it became unbearable for her to stand straight. All these factors became the reason for her to go for the breast reduction surgery.

    The Saturation Point

    Every person has a saturation point beyond which they refuse to continue. Ariel went to a store with her cousin to get herself a swimsuit a couple of month’s back. To her disappointment, nothing fit her. She felt sad and unhappy and she kept wondering, “What am I going to wear?” She didn’t have anything to wear at the beach or the pool. She felt disheartened that she won’t be able to go to a party and wear the same thing as her friends’. She kept thinking about covering herself all the time or else she would look like someone she does not intend to be. There comes a point in life when you finally decide which way you want to go and whether you have decided how you are going to deal with this problem.

    Issues with Big Breasts

    It is difficult for people to understand why someone would opt for a breast reduction surgery, especially those men and women who have small breasts. Unless someone close to them has undergone the difficulties of having large breasts, they are unable to relate to the pain and suffering of those who do. To them these big breasts seem to be a blessing. The truth is that these large breasts are heavy and they hurt, a lot. The weight of the heavy breasts pulls down on the shoulders and the pressure makes the bra straps dig in to the shoulders causing ruts. Spasms in the neck and upper back are common that ultimately lead to chronic, unbearable neck and back pain. Not to mention the itchy rashes that surface under the breasts due to skin-on-skin contact. You can get more information about how to resolve the issues you encounter due to large breasts at Crispin Plastic surgery.

    Goals behind Breast Reduction Surgery

    Primarily the procedure at breast reduction Atlanta GA centers is aimed at reducing the size of the breasts and secondly, the objective is to lift the breasts. By doing so, decreasing the breast volume and tightening the skin, the amount of stress and pressure on the neck as well as the back is reduced significantly. A smaller breast is lighter in weight and the tightness of the breast prevents it from moving. This improvement is instantaneous. Most of the patients have reported that they feel improvement as soon as the anesthesia wears off.

    Views of Ariel after the breast reduction surgery

    Ariel felt emotional as well as physical improvement that she longed for, after the surgery. Although the size of her breasts was still large, they were now in better proportion to her body. Considered quite the bold move coming from a young woman, Ariel described the motivation factors in an article published in Glamour Magazine. Ariel has been a motivation for many young women suffering from the same problem. Inspired from Ariel’s story, these people are now in a better position to discuss their problem with breast reduction surgeon Dr. Crispin.

    Angela John
    Angela John
    Angela John is working as Content Strategist at Crispin Plastic Surgery, the Plastic surgery company US. She enjoys the art of transforming ideas into an informative writing piece. With her good aesthetic sense she keeps on exploring about Breast augmentation, Breast Lift, Plastic surgery in Atlanta. She also works for social media that makes her more versatile.

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