3 Things you’re doing every day that ruin your hair

    Whether you’re rocking curly, straight, dyed, or natural hair, you want to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your hair looking great every day. The bad news, however, is you may have been ruining your hair with awful habits.

    For example, instead of using protective Styles hair products made out of natural ingredients, you stick to sulfate-filled shampoo. Other small mistakes may also include any of the following:

    • Brushing your hair while it’s still wet
    • Taking a long hot shower
    • Not caring about the ingredients in your hair care products

    These may be simple things, but these can take a severe toll on your hair’s health. Aside from those mentioned above, here are other top mistakes you should avoid to keep your hair in a healthy and gorgeous shape.

    You wash your hair too often.

    As your daily schedule gets busier, you may have decided to stick to dry shampoos that are not suitable for your hair type. Aside from that, in your effort to keep your hair clean, you wash it with dry shampoo once or twice a day.

    While daily hair washing may help keep your scalp and hair clean, it can also strip the natural oil from your hair. As a result, your hair may experience significant hair damage.

    Since every hair is different, it would be best to know the hair washing routine that fits your hair type.

    You’re not using the right hair product.

    It might take you several trials and errors before finding the perfect hair product for you. It’s worth it to research first before subscribing to a hair care regimen. Instead of buying shampoos and conditioners in bulk, try getting samples or buying trial sizes first.

    For dry and damaged hair, look for “nourishing,” “moisturizing,” or “hydrating” in your shampoo bottle label. For hair that has hair color, choose products that are color-safe to prevent your hair color from fading.

    On the other hand, if your hair is quickly thinning, go for products with “clarifying,” “thickening,” or “volumizing” features. Lastly, if your hair is prone to frizz, go for products with “anti-frizz” and “smoothing” capacities.

    If you have a sensitive scalp, you can try Protective Styles hair care products, which are all 100% natural and non-toxic.

    You frequently blow dry your hair after showering.

    You may be running late every morning, that’s why blow-drying after a hot shower becomes a daily habit for you. While this is understandable, you still risk permanently damaging your hair.

    Instead of grabbing your hairdryer after taking a shower, opt for air-drying instead. Also, instead of ironing your hair daily, go for a more natural and wavy look. Keep your hair iron hidden in your cabinet. Your hair will thank you for sparing it from irreversible damages caused by too much heat and pressure.


    These are just a few of the daily activities you don’t expect to damage your hair. Apart from avoiding too much heat exposure and synthetic substances, your hair will significantly benefit from a reliable, safe, and non-toxic hair care line.

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