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    Hair coloring dramatically changes the appearance of a woman and is the primary reason for women opting for hair coloring all over the world. The advent of high quality hair coloring products and a range of colors have contributed to this trend.

    However, maintaining the tone of the hair color is also important. Hair colors can make the hair porous leading to quick absorption of moisture by the hair leading to color loss. Therefore, in order to maintain the luster and brightness of the hair color, visiting the salon frequently for hair treatment is important.

    The main problem especially with working women is that they do not have enough time to frequently visit the salon. As a result, the hair color starts looking dull and gradually loses its sheen. This problem has now been solved by Kerastase Reflection Chromatique line.

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    What is its function?

    Kerastase recently launched its hair color protection product called Reflection Chromatique line. The range of products features two shampoos, a conditioner, a mask and four different types of touché chormatique color pens. This is the best line of products for color correcting and reviving the overall health of the colored hair.

    The hair color is rejuvenated, color fading is prevented and the hair appears shinier and healthier. Addition of unwanted hair color tones is also prevented. Altogether, Reflection Chromatique line by Kerastase eliminates the need to visit the salon frequently by enabling women to retain the shade of their hair color by treating it right at home.

    Methods of usage

    hair coloring

    The first step is washing the hair with Bain Chromatique Shampoo. This is a sulphate free shampoo containing Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin E, Linseed oil and UV filters. It also has new chelator complex containing Yuzu, Sodium Citrate and Litchi extracts.

    The multi-protective nature of the shampoo not only maintains the hair color, but also cleanses the hair perfectly. It imparts anti-deposit properties to the hair fibers which coupled with UV filters provide protection to the hair strands against external elements. The shampoo also incorporates an advanced feature to neutralize water molecules in order to protect the shine and luster of the hair color.

    The second step is the application of Fondant Chromatique to the hair. This is a multi protecting hair conditioner for colored hair. This conditioner enhances the radiance of colored hair. The conditioner combats external elements which harm the hair color.

    It has chelators, Vitamin E and UV Filters in its composition which prevents color fading by preventing the attacks of water and oxidative elements. The hair is nourished while retaining the color. The hair becomes shiny due to the rice bran oil used in the conditioner which refracts light.

    Fondant Chromatique conditioner must be kept for about five minutes and then washed off with cold water. Hair should be properly rinsed to get the best shine. The hair color is protected for up to 40 days. Hair also continues to shine for about the same time interval.

    The third and final step is the application of Touche Chromatique color corrector to the hair. The kit contains Chromatique pen and Masque Chromatique. The pen is a color correcting tool which is available in four versions.

    • Cool Blonde has been designed for blonde hair color. It prevents the development of yellow undertones in blond hair.
    • Cool Brown prevents brassiness in dark brunette hair color.
    • Cool Copper is for women having copper shade hair color. This product preserves the amber hue of the hair.
    • Cool Red preserves the bright cherry red hue of hair in women using red hair color.

    Touche Chromatique along with Masque Chromatique prevents deposition of wrong pigments in the hair. It also prevents hard water deposition in the hair.  The hair color is refreshed and the brightness is enhanced.

    Therefore, women facing swift color fading issues can also use this product. This is especially beneficial for women with red hairs or copper tones because red and copper colored hair needs to appear very bright but fades fast between color appointments in salons.

    10 clicks of color from the pen and Masque Chromatique mixed in a bowl. The kit contains a plastic spatula for mixing. Thereafter, the mixture needs to applied to damp hair and kept for about 5 minutes before rinsing with water.

    How long does it last?

    Girls with vibrant hair color

    The home treatment should be done on once-a-week basis. The treatment needs to be started after three weeks of getting the hair colored in a salon. The effect lasts until the last week of the hair coloring cycle.

    Thus, home treatment with Kerastase Reflection Chromatique line preserves the color and shine of the hair. The hair is also nourished well and gives a very soft feeling.

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