How to curl your hair without heat

    Getting those flowing and gorgeous curls is one of the biggest dreams of women, but for most of us, they come at the cost of using hot-styling tools. Though hot styling tools are easy to use, they are actually too much damaging to the hair.

    Why is hot styling tools not good for hair?

    Hot styling tools use heat to transform straight or unmanageable hair into voluminous, flowing, and manageable curls that look just amazing. But when we use such tools on our hair then it results in a lasting damage to the outermost layer of the hair.

    If we continue using such tools, then each layer of our hair gets prone to damage and hence results in dry, brittle, and frizzy hair lacking moisture.

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    So, is there any solution?

    Yes, the great news is that there is a best, natural and heatless solution to get those lovely curls without damaging your hair. We here provide you with the list of 7 distinct ways that can help you get those pretty, lasting curls without causing any damage to your locks.

    So, if you desire to get those awesome locks and even intend to protect your hair from damages caused by hot styling tools, then check our top-notch ways to curl your hair naturally!

    1. Feeling lazy, check these lazy curls

    It is a great event and you are already feeling lazy to style yourself, so what to do? This method to get those curls is for all such lazy girls. It is an incredible hairstyle if you want to get beautiful curls without experiencing any hassles.

    • Just prepare your hair by washing them and applying a layer of heat styling spray.
    • Next, create a high ponytail that you can secure with a light hair elastic so that your hair does not appear bent.
    • Now take a 1-inch section of your hair from the ponytail and then roll them using your finger. Secure the rolled curl with a hairpin.
    • Keep repeating this till all your hair in the ponytail turns into a bun of rolled hair.
    • After one hour, you can take off each section one by one.
    • Now, unwrap the entire curls and open your hair.
    • There you are, ready with the wonderful curls without using any heat styling tool.

    2. Heatless wavy curls

    Another effortless and heartless way to curl your hair will help you get those curly locks that you have always desired. No need to use any curling wand. All you require is few hair pains, spray bottle with water, and hairspray.

    • Once you have prepared your hair with shampooing, you may divide them into equal sections.
    • Now spray some water on one section and then roll it over to create a rolled bun.
    • Secure it with a hair pain.
    • Now continue doing the exact same thing all over the head.
    • Once you are done with your entire hair, you may then spray some hair styling spray.
    • You may blow dry your hair at the light mode.
    • After two hours or once the hair is completely dry, you may open all the curls.
    • You may use a little hair wax and crunch your hair from the bottom to ensure that the wavy curls last longer.

    You are good to go!

    3. Heatless headband waves

    If you don’t have much time to style your hair into beautiful curls, then the heatless headband wave style is perfect for you. You can try this method even before going to bed and step out with gorgeous, curly hair the next morning. So, let’s check it!

    • Divide your hair into two sections and give it a quick brush.
    • Grab a headband and place it in a frame on your head’s crown.
    • Now take a spray bottle and wet your hair from the bottom.
    • Grab one section of the hair and just twist it. Continue twisting the hair to the bottom and then wrap it around the headband.
    • Go ahead and do the exact same steps for all the hair.
    • Spray your favorite hairspray on the curls.
    • You can sleep with a hairstyle like this and then open it the next morning. If you are in a hurry, then you may use a hair dryer to ensure that the hair gets dry quickly.
    • Once the hair is dry completely, you may open all the sections and open the waves.
    • Take a texturizing wax and rub a tiny amount between your palms and then add crunch it to your hair.
    • Give this headband technique a try and you will surely love it.

    How to curl hair

    4. Heatless curls for more bounce

    For this method, you need a hairspray, a spray bottle with water, bobby pins or clips, texturizing spray. This is an excellent method for those who wish to get lovely, flowing curls with an additional bounce.

    • Take your hair and divide it into two sections.
    • Now take a 1-inch section of hair and then spray water on it so that it gets damp.
    • Take the two middle fingers of your hair and then loosely wrap the section of hair around the middle finger.
    • Carefully slide the finger out and secure the curl with a bobby pin or with a clip.
    • Do the exact same thing for all the hair.
    • Wait till your hairs are dry. Avoid sleeping with them as this might not be very comfortable.
    • After one hour, you may open the curls and you will be left with beautiful, soft, and voluminous curls without using any heat styling tool.

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    5. Mermaid waves for an elegant look

    If you have really long hair, then these curls can enhance the beauty of your hair further. These mermaid curls are just awesome and work great results making your hair appear gorgeous and attractive. For this technique, you require a brush, hairspray, texturizing spray, and a spray bottle with water.

    • Divide your hair into two equal sections right from the middle.
    • Take the hairspray bottle with water and damp your hair from the bottom.
    • Now divide one section of your hair into two equal sections and then braid them up.
    • Do the same for the other section as well.
    • Wait till your hair gets completely dry.
    • You can add some hairspray to both the braids as this will help you to get lasting waves.
    • The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can always go to sleep with them as it is very much comfortable.
    • Just open them up, but don’t brush them as this will loosen the waves.
    • You can add some texturizing spray or wax to add shine to your hairstyle.

    This is one of the easiest methods to get those lovely, flowing mermaid curls.

    6. Paper towel waves without using heat

    Want to add some fun while striving for those beautiful curls. You may go and check this method, which will do just perfect for you. It is quick, fun, and easy. So, just check this out.

    • For this method, you require paper towel, water in a spray bottle, hairspray, and texturizing wax.
    • Take a paper towel and tear it according to the length of your hair.
    • Create a fan like rectangular shape with the paper towel.
    • Take one section of your hair and then apply water so it gets damp enough.
    • You can add hairspray so that it holds the curls for longer.
    • Considering two sections of the paper towel and one section of your hair, create a braid.
    • Do this for all the sections of your hair and secure the braid with a hair elastic at the bottom.
    • Give your hair at least an hour or two to dry.
    • Open the hair and you will have really nice waves.
    • Once you are done with opening all your hair, you may add some texturizing wax.
    • You are now done with your hair. You can go ahead and have a great day out.

    We hope that you like these awesome ways to get beautiful curls without using heat styling tools and effortlessly. Just try them out and share with us your reviews. We are sure that you will love the way your hair turns out after using these methods!

    Yuan Chen
    Yuan Chen
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