Hair Botox – Everything you should know about this trending hair treatment

    When wrinkles are visible on your skin, you may always think about Botulinum toxin (Botox). But, have you thought about Botox as a treatment for your hair? Well, if that’s not the case, then hair Botox can surely help in eliminating frizz and reverse the life cycle of your hair. In fact, such a kind of treatment is considered to be an anti-aging treatment which restores the hair in a better way.

    Just like your skin, the hair loses elasticity over a period of time. The ingredients like amino acids, vitamins, lipids, and proteins aid in rebuilding the hair and make them look shiny under natural light. Once the hair fibers are restored, the girl would look younger than her age.

    When can a person use hair Botox?

    Generally, hair Botox is considered to be safe regardless of the hair texture. But, it’s always better to go for the treatment if the person has fine hair with little luster, split ends, frizzy hair or curly hair that needs to be straightened.

    What does Botox actually do?

    Hair Botox is a treatment which aids in restoring the vitality of the hair. The antioxidants, proteins, essential nutrients, caviar oil, amino acids, Vitamin B5, collagen complex, and Omega-3 have the power of rejuvenating the hair. The protein in the hair shaft is replenished as the solution fills the cracks. Eventually, the entire treatment keeps the area hydrated and repairs the split ends to the best extent. An amazing effect is observed when every hair strand is nourished thoroughly.  But, for a long lasting result, it’s advisable to use a shampoo that contains less amount of sulfate.

    Since the homogenous cream doesn’t contain formaldehyde, the lady doesn’t have to worry about the consequences of a chemical reaction. Even if the cream is used for a long time, the woman wouldn’t feel uncomfortable due to an unpleasant odor or an itching sensation.

    The Application Process

    There’s hardly any difference between hair Botox and keratin treatment. Once you visit the salon, the beauty expert follows certain steps.

    • Initially, the expert washes the hair twice with a clarifying shampoo. This step helps in removing residual chemicals and in cleaning the hair completely.  Soon after the hair is rinsed thoroughly, the expert makes sure that she doesn’t use a conditioner.
    • Moving ahead, the hair is dried to remove excess water. To carry out this step effectively, the individual tries to blow-dry the hair for some time. Once the head is 80 percent dry, the expert untangles the hair carefully.
    • The next step involves preparation of Botox mixture. After pouring a required amount of product into the glass jar, the expert gradually adds warm water. Later, the person mixes the product and water till a homogenous cream is formed. The quantity of water depends on the treatment and the results that need to be attained.
    • Now, once the mixture is ready, the hair is parted into four sections. The cream is then applied with the help of a brush starting from the root to the tip. In order to distribute the product evenly, the expert thinks about combing the hair at several instances.
    • After every hair strand is coated with the cream, the expert waits for 45 minutes, places a shower cap, and blow-dries the hair for around 15 minutes. As hair is exposed to hot air, the heat helps the mixture to penetrate internally near the roots.
    • Finally, post the treatment, 50 to 80 percent of hair is washed gently and the rest is dried with a blower once again. Usually, the temperature of the flat iron is set to 410-450 degrees Fahrenheit. But, in case of fine hair, the temperature is reduced to 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

    How long does it last?

    Hair Botox has always been a popular trend among contemporary women. But, it’s difficult to figure out how well the product may work or if the ingredients are effective for strengthening the hair.

    If you are concerned about results, then you should speak with the hairstylist and seek recommendations for the treatment. Once the best products are used, the effect lasts around two to four months. But, the time span may depend on the hair texture and vary from person to person.

    As for the results, you would be able to observe them soon after the beauty expert dries the hair completely.

    As far as maintenance is concerned, the hair should always be washed soon after the treatment. To maintain the shiny effect, you should always use a conditioner or a sulfate free shampoo every time you plan to wash your hair.

    For restoring the vitality, you may insist the hairstylist to repeat the process after one or three months. But, if you can’t afford paying for Botox hair treatment, then you can carry out the steps on your own. After all, the time span for the treatment would depend on the condition of your hair and product that has been used earlier.

    Does Botox make the hair straight?

    If you opt hair Botox for curly hair, then hair may retain its elasticity and become straight. While hair straightening products restructure damaged hair, Botox helps to keep the frizz away and delivers everything that your hair needs. In the end, you won’t have to adjust your elbows when you’re using a flat iron. Moreover, you won’t have to shift your neck when you are planning to execute a style for any occasion.

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