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5 Popular Ways to Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles

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Wrinkles and fine lines are almost always the first tell-tale signs of skin aging.  Often, the go-to solutions in their initial stages involve the application of wrinkle products, like Firmacare, which often boast of a complex formulation involving ingredients like retinoids, peptides, emollients and vitamins.

At some point, anti-aging products are effective but, when topical formulations stop being effective, the next solution is a non-invasive wrinkle procedure, the five most effective and popular are listed below:

Botox injections and wrinkle fillers

Botox injections have been steadily growing in popularity over the years.  A recent statistic released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which highlights 2015 reports on clinical procedures performed, shows that among 14.2 million minimally-invasive procedures performed in 2015, close to half were Botox procedures — a whopping 759% increase from 2000 figures.

Wrinkle fillers, including hyaluronic acid and collagen, are also gaining popularity and are commonly tauted to be safer than Botox.


From the same survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, microdermabrasion accounted for 800,340 procedures performed in 2015.  Although there are fewer people availing of this procedure (down 9% compared with 2014 reports), it remains the fifth most preferred non-invasive procedure.

What microdermabrasion literally does is sand your skin with Oily skin,fine crystals, physically scraping off the top layer to give way for the resurfacing of younger skin.  Unlike the traditional dermabrasion which takes up to 8 weeks for skin to heal, microdermabrasion will only leave your skin tight for a maximum of 24 hours.  This procedure best tackles fine lines and brings about skin rejuvenation but, it cannot make significant improvements to deep-seated wrinkles

Intense Pulsed Light

In this procedure, broad spectrum light is used to treat and target specific areas of the skin where damage has occurred.  Aging skin benefits from IPL for this procedure’s ability to treat, correct and reverse photoaging and other sun-induced skin damage.  Beyond potorejuvenation, IPL can also help improve other skin conditions, including acne, and can be used as a hair removal procedure.

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Combines the long time proven and guaranteed results that can be derived from CO2 laser treatments with a more recent fractional delivery system.  The advantage of Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing from its predecessor is that it capable of specifically targeting damaged skin thus, leaving healthy skin cells unharmed.  This further means there’s minimal downtime associated with this procedure.


This procedure, whether done at your skincare specialist’s clinic or right at your own dresser, requires a micro-needling devide that bores very tiny holes on your skin, deliberately wounding it without tearing to stimulate the skin’s deeper layers to resurface new skin. This procedure is indicated for improving the appearance of wrinkles and facial scars.


Anti-wrinkle regimens should be appropriate to your aging skin issues, skin type, expected results and your personal preferences for these to be effective based on your own judgment.

Angina Berryz
Angina Berryz is skin care and beauty expert, who is passionate to share insights related to beauty and skin care with the readers. Her passion is to help people to make the correct selection when it comes to skin care. Provides trendy beauty tips combined with skin care.



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