How to use eyebrow definer and get the best results no matter your brow condition

    The eyebrow definer is changing, but if you have the right one you can deliver the WOW factor to your eyebrows. Do you however have the time to find the right option, and use it to define your brows? If your answer is yes, then you are in for a challenge as there are a ton of products to choose from. To define your brows you can pick anything from an eyebrow pencil to a highlighter. Each of these products provides specific benefits when it comes to defining your brows. Many however are increasingly using 2-in-1 definers for brows. These brow definers are easy to use and are versatile. A brow definer is also ideally suited for beginners who want all the benefits of defining their brows without having to invest in many costly products. So here is how you should go about using brow definers as part of a makeup routine for your eyebrows. We also have expert tips for using a highlighter and concealer on your eyebrows regardless of their thickness or current condition.

    How to use brow definers in your eyebrow makeup routine

    Employ tweezers to get a brow shape that you love

    Even if your brows are naturally thin, medium-sized, or thick you might want to reshape them to suit your face. So pick a shape that suits your face such as a soft angled arch. Alternatively, you can choose to follow a brow trend. Using a tweezer, remove all spare and unwanted hair from your brows so that it has the shape that you want.

    Put your eyebrow pencil into action

    With the aid of an eyebrow pencil fill in and define your brows. When using the pencil ensure you draw individual lines near or between natural hairs in your brows. Avoid using a pencil in areas where there is no hair. Then brush a spoolie through strokes of the pencil until they blend well with your eyebrows, as this will deliver a natural finish. Applying wax to your brows after using a pencil is advisable as it will ensure that brow powder adheres to your eyebrows.

    Use a brow powder or brow gel in the right color

    Brow powders are easy to apply and help define your eyebrows so that they are trendy or just arched to perfection to suit your face. If you use a brow gel, especially one that has fibers included you can add volume to your brows and make them thicker. There are a multitude of brow powders and brow gels, and these are either colored or clear.  So use the correct color of brow gels and powders after taking your hair coloration into consideration as this will ensure your brows look natural.

    Using a concealer cover blemishes around the brow area

    When defining your brows, you need to draw attention to them and not surrounding blemishes. So apply a concealer that is present in a brow definer to the area above the eyebrows. After you dot the concealer onto the areas where it is required, use a brush to spread it so that blemishes disappear. If you have the right shade of concealer you can also quickly and efficiently get rid of dark patches and circles present around your brows and eyes.

    Apply a highlighter to define your brows

    An important component of an eyebrow definer is a highlighter. Before you use a highlighter ensure that you have a shade that suits your skin tone. An eyebrow definer will often come with a highlighter in a shade such as brown or ivory and have a matte finish. Some highlighters have a shimmer finish and these are perfect for creating trendy party-ready brows. Brow highlighters should be applied in lines in the areas under a brow especially near the arch and tail. Once applied it has to be blending with the tip of a finger or a brush. This process will result in your brows lifting and providing your face with an instant facelift. Also, a highlighter will ensure our eyes look larger in your face and not cramped.  A good highlighter that is similar to the shade of your skin can even be used around your entire eye to draw attention to the brow bone. The brow definer highlighter can also be used along the outer areas of the eye to ensure these areas pop in photos.

     More about the design of an eyebrow definer and its benefits

    If you thought the brow definer was just one product, then it is time for a rethink. The best brow defining products are either a 2-in-one or 3-in-1 combination. So you get multiple benefits when you use it. A brow defining product works like a mini eyebrow makeup kit as it often includes a brush. One end of the definer usually features an eyebrow pencil or highlighter that is sometimes designed to retract for easy storage when not in use. The other end has a spoolie which can be used for brushing your brows an ensuring the pencil strokes or highlights are spread evenly.

    As each end of the definer provides different benefits your brows end up looking neater and defined within minutes. You can also use it for defining, highlighting, and filling your eyebrows whether they are thick, think, or medium. As it is small and ergonomically shaped the brow definer can be easily carried in your handbag when heading to the office or a party.

    The 2-in-1 brow definer that delivers eyebrows on fleek

    Not all eyebrows are created the same. So you can have anything from an s-shaped brow to one that is rounded or straight. No matter the shape of your brow or its current condition getting a brow style definer will ensure your eyebrows look perfect every day of the week. Ultimate Brow Definer is designed with a 2-in-1 universal concealer on one end and a brow highlighting pencil on the other. This advanced design provides the best brow defining benefits when doing your eye makeup. The formulation used in creating the definer also ensures that it is easily spread with your fingertip once applied. The journey to creating perfect brows is easy with a 2-in-1 brow definer.

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