Women and protein – An essential guide

    Have you ever has a successful week of clean eating only to start craving sweet snacks? Women tend in diet and nutrition is to lack protein even in cheat meals. This is what gives you those unhealthy cravings. Lack of it can be detrimental, especially for those who go to the gym. Although your body requires healthy fats and carbs to generate energy, you need protein to rebuild and generate tissues. If you are at the gym doing squats or cardio you require protein for your muscles to recover.

    Protein Basics

    A protein is composed of amino acids. It is a basic element of building tissues.  This macronutrient is found in animal products and some plants, such as legumes. When you eat proteins, they fuel your muscles, which help in metabolism. They also strengthen your immune system and keep you feeling full.

    Proteins play different roles in our bodies; for instance, they transport substances all over the body, such as hemoglobin which carries oxygen. Protein is crucial to the immune system because antibodies have proteins, which are utilized by the immune system.

    Foods with Protein

    Whether you want to lose some pounds or gain some, proteins are your friends. Protein for women ought to be taken moderately. There are various sources of it, and some are listed below:


    Seafood is a good source of protein due to the low- fat content. Although fish like salmon has a slightly elevated fat content, it is the heart-friendly kind (Omega 3 fatty acids.)


    Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese are not only good sources of protein, but they are also packed with calcium and vitamin D.

    White Meat

    Some of the protein for women, which many women skip, is white meat. Chicken is great because it contains less fat compared to red meat. Remember to remove the skin, which contains saturated fat.


    The egg is a delicious and inexpensive female protein to build muscles.  Adults can eat an egg daily.


    Did you know that ½ a cup of beans equals an ounce of broiled steak? The good thing about beans is that they contain fiber, which keeps you full.

    These are not the only protein-containing foods, but they are everywhere, cheap, and readily available.

    What is the Daily Protein Intake for Women?

    Women daily protein intake should range between 50-60 gms. However, nutritionists recommended amount is 0.36gms per body weight. Remember that this depends on your physical fitness and daily activities. If you want to lose weight, you can increase your daily intake to 0.5gms according to your body weight. If you want to gain mass, you can increase your intake to 0.8-1gms to notice the results.

    How to Get the Most Out of Protein

    It does not matter whether you are looking to lose or gain weight, protein should be in your list of foods. Protein repairs, maintains your muscles, and provides calories. It is not just fish, eggs, and chicken; you need a strategy to benefit from this food.

    To get the most out of your intake, divide your meals into 3 parts and 2 snacks daily. Eat some protein before a workout and after 60 minutes of exercising to quicken recovery.  This is an effective strategy because our muscles tear every day and they require protein to rebuild.  Protein is broken down into amino acids, which build and repair the lungs, liver, heart, and muscles.

    Building muscles requires more muscle buildup than the ones being broken and enough amino acids.  Our bodies don’t have a specific way of storing amino acids the way we do fats and carbs. This is why you need protein before and after working out. Pair protein and carbohydrates to refuel your muscles and support muscle growth.

    Myths about Protein

    There are myths that people still believe about protein; for instance, it makes you fat. This is not entirely true. If you consume the required women daily intake, you will not gain excess fat. However, overeating can cause weight gain.

    Some people believe that protein only comes from animals. There are other sources of protein such as beans and soy products. Vegans get their protein from plant-based sources.

    Another myth is that you only need it if you work out. Your body needs protein because it is a macronutrient, which is essential for everyone’s diet.

    You should eat a complete protein for it to be absorbed. It is not necessary to eat a complete protein because your body can utilize any proteins.

    Why You Need Protein

    Most people think that only body-builders and athletes require protein; however, we all need for different purposes;

    To Repair Tissues

    Although muscles tear during workouts, other tissues in our bodies also breakdown. Hair, skin, and other vital organs are constantly being broken and require protein to repair.

    To Prevent Muscle Loss

    If you aim to lose weight or you are recovering from an injury, you need protein to prevent muscle loss. Ensure that you consume enough protein for women to prevent your body from breaking down muscles. Your body will breakdown fats to sustain healthy metabolism.

    To Keep You Full and Burn Calories

    Protein helps to maintain weight because unlike carbs, they take longer to digest, which keeps you full longer. In addition, protein requires more energy to digest, which means that your body burns more calories in the process.


    Protein is known as the building blocks of life because our bodies require them to function effectively. It is not only bodybuilders who require protein we need them to repair our vital organs and maintain our muscles. There are different sources of protein, both animal and plant-based. You do not have to worry about getting bulky unless you overeat.

    How do you prepare your protein? Please share your tips with us.

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