Amazing eye makeup looks that’ll blow you away

While 2017 was one hot year for fashion enthusiast especially for eye specialists, 2018 is pregnant with the optimism of better days in both style and boldness to take up new challenges. Just like Instagram fashion parades has become the order of the day, 2018 will be disruptive to the status quo of tradition eye makeup trends. You are likely to witness a makeup application trick for every occasion and season. Besides, value addition to the old means of eye makeup looks will elevate the fashion world to another level. For instance, Snowflake Eye Makeup is likely to gain more popularity as a touch of creativity gives a new look.

Also, better lip care such as cutout lipstick and rounded liners will dominate lip makeup looks as everyone wants to get gorgeous lips without appearing plastic. Thus, to sum it up here are some of the top eye makeup looks you must check in the first quarter of 2018.

Black eye liners

Black eyeliner

Though this might sound old, a creative application of what is known as negative space eyeliner gives your eyes a sparkle of sharpness. Gone are the days when you’ve shared the staple cat eye look in the name of getting a black eyeliner.

What makes the negative space eyeliner different is that it leaves the inside wing of eyeliners untouched giving it a sophisticated appearance. It is such creativity that makes the ordinary black eyeliner not only different but refreshing.

Remember, the trick is always getting the right product and avoid over-application. Gain control and a touch of creativity to leave your eyes not only clean but attractive with their fresh look.

Golden glow

Golden glow

Though some celebrities have taken the golden glow and personalized it, you can make the bold step and get a different look. Gold is a bright color on your eyes that you ought to consider your skin tone and general outfit before stepping out of the house. When getting the gold eye makeup products, get the perfect pigment for your skin. When applying, you can sweep it across the eyelids or on the cheekbone for highlighting purposes.

Blue eye makeup

Blue eye makeup

Probably you have heard blue makeup belongs to the 80s. That has an element of truth in it; however, what makes blue makeup for the eyes different 30 years later is the different shades of blue and methods of applications. For instance, instead of applying the entire eyelid with the blue makeup, use it as an eyeliner and you can choose to get creative with it by drawing a cat-like appearance along the lower lash. Use of unexpected drawings and different shades for the two eyes is what makes blue eye makeup different in 2018. Besides, get the right product that works perfectly with your skin tone for that stunning appearance.

Here are six additional #Makeup #trends that will make 2018 a better year.

Intense lash volume

Intense eye lashesIf you love a dramatic appearance, consider laying down the regular mascara and get a fibre mascara in 2018. The lash primer will help you build on the vital application on the lashes. One end of the lashes applies fiber mascara that adds more volume while on the other end you use the regular one to get a mild look. Just remember the golden rule of the application on this one, apply the primer, then go for the fiber infused mascara.

Metallic eye shadow

Metallic eyeshadow

A heavy metallic look is bound to give your eyes a different loom 2018. Metallic eyeshadow gained lots of popularity in 2017. With the onset of 2018, getting an intense metallic eyeshadow will provide you with a chance to step out different for the world to see. When applying, you need to use the entire eyelid for a bold look easily recognized by everyone. Nonetheless, when going metallic, always go for what suits your skin tone from the five shimmery variants available in the market.

Sunset eyes

Sunset eye makeup

Nothing will make your eyes look sexier than giving them a touch of sunset look. Over the years, it has been voted as one of the hottest eye makeup, and 2018 will not be any different. What makes better is the fact you can apply it all year round. You do not have to wait until summer or spring to use the sunset makeup. However, in 2018, you need to make it sexier by choosing a beautiful variant and applying just enough, never overdo the sunset makeup as it is likely to backfire.

Bold lower eye lashes makeup

When applying mascara, the norm is always leaving the lower eyelash clear. However, 2018 is the year we throw away the rule book and go bold on this one. Grab all the attention by choosing to apply bold mascara on the lower lashes with a striking color like gold.

Smudged eyeliner

Smudged eyeliner

In 2018, you can choose to have a messy bold look in a good way. The smudged eyeliner is finally here to disrupt our conventional application techniques. The makeup gets you a punk rock vibe that you can quickly develop using a pencil eyeliner. Get a durable product to ensure it gives you a lasting look for your evening party, and apply cautiously.

Feathery eye brows

2018 is the year to get figurative and creative with your eye makeup application. Eyebrow makeup will help you in that by getting thicker brows in a minute. So effortlessly, yet the results get you the attention you crave for. If you have a soft spot for even thicker eyebrows, go for the mousse formula, this gives you results in a jiffy. However, before application, always ensure your brows are clean and apply your mascara in a thin brush for even use in all the vital areas. Upward strokes are crucial in enhancing the volume of your look, and getting a great shape as desired.

To sum it up, 2018 will be for the bold, as the majority of the eye makeup looks require a bold step to apply and step out in style.

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