10 Ways to wear Your Mom’s Saree This Wedding Season!

    When you are crazy about styling and fashion, anything that comes your way is a great trick to look better. And one such item that you can twist in so many ways is a saree! So, this year, raid your mom’s wardrobe if you are bored with your old attires and dresses and want something new to try. Then, take her sarees and start styling them in the stylish, smart and most unique saree draping styles we have listed below:

    1. Saree with your crop top–No matter what material your saree is, you just need to wear them most stylishly. (Chuck her blouse, please!) Get your crop top of the same colour or contrasting shade and drape a lovely saree from your mom’s old collection.
    1. Saree with your belt –You often wear a belt with your pants. These might be formal and informal, funky ones. So, according to the occasion, pick any belt and wear it around your waist over your mom’s saree! If you tuck the material neatly under the belt, this can be one of the trendiest saree draping styles. 
    1. Saree with your denim jacket – OK, if your mum has a pure white or even light, sky blue saree, pair it with your denim jacket. Regularly drape the saree and wear your jacket over it, simple! We assure you would look outstanding in this western attire born out of your mom’s wardrobe.
    1. Mom’s saree your shirt – You got your formal office shirt? Do you know it can be a fantastic add-on to style your mom’s saree? Use it as a high neck, full sleeves blouse over her old saree and watch the transition appear!
    1. The saree with boho jewellery – your mom probably owns a conventional heavy work saree. On the other hand, you have that boho necklaces and funky bracelets and earrings. When they all meet, fashion evolves! Drape the saree in Bengali style with the pallu in front for an extra touch! 
    1. Her saree, your heels – If you want to enhance the beauty of your mom’s already stunning Georgette or silk saree, wear your sexy high heels of plumps on any way you drape the saree. 
    1. Wear that saree with your scarf – We know winters are over. But the sun is too scorching. So, get your mom’s floral printed saree and match your favourite scarf with it. It doesn’t matter if you wear it like a tie or a headscarf; it does make the saree look smarter. 
    1. Her saree with your bralette – If you don’t mind revealing, create a fine fusion fashion with your mom’s saree. Wear it with a bralette underneath and drape the pallu in a narrow line on one shoulder.
    1. Mom’s saree, dad’s tie – Call it a family fashion! When you pair your mom’s saree, grab the best tie from your dad’s party collection, and wear them together in the traditional way. 
    1.  Saree with statement bags –Regardless of the size or type of your bag, your mom’s saree can make you look more elegant and more innovative. It can be a heavily worked clutch, a tote bag or a unique hand purse. Once you pair it perfectly with your saree, the difference is visible!

    With these ideas, twist your mom’s saree in a better way and carry it with a unique grace and charm! Happy styling! 

    The Zigverve Team
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