Why fashion accessories matters and how to choose the best ones?

    Like it or not, clothes and accessories play an important part in defining your personality and tells volumes about you as a person. The question is not whether you are interested in fashion or not, it’s more about communicating intentionally or unintentionally the type of personality you exhibit.

    Your clothes and accessories tell a story about you. If you really want to stand out in the crowd, you need to pay attention to the little details about not only the clothes you wear but also the accessories you carry.

    Be it rings, bracelets or necklaces, accessories have been an important part of fashion since ancient times. Nowadays, fashion accessories are an inseparable part of your fashion statement. You might find yourself spending the same amount of time to choose accessories as you take to buy clothes.

    People don’t generally have time to analyze every little detail about you as a person and hence first impressions carry a lot of importance. Your accessories help you point out the features which you want to highlight.

    Accessories define style and occasion. Just like clothing, certain accessories are only suitable for certain occasions and can be bought from online shopping sites. There are various types of accessories available in the market and hence it is important to know at least the basics of choosing the right accessory.

    Here you will find the 6 basic accessories and their importance.

    1. Handbag

    Why fashion accessories matters and how to choose the best ones? 5

    Handbags play an important role in any women’s fashion statement. There are various handbags available in the market, you can choose the one which enhances your look and also fulfill its purpose.

    Whether you are going to the office, gym, travelling or simply want to carry your accessories, handbags are an essential accessory which helps you to stand out of the crowd.

    Luxurious and designer handbag is something which women can’t resist to buy; sometimes even when the costs are high women always find an option to purchase a handbag which suits best for the occasion and which will make them attract the attention of the outfit.

    2. Jewellery

    gold jewelry

    The one thing that women are passionate about is the jewellery they wear. Jewellery helps women feel beautiful, confident and exhibit an elegant fashion statement.

    Jewellery is popular in all the parts of the world be it necklace, earrings, bracelets; there are ample amount of varieties available to choose from.

    Jewellery has the ability to highlight the personality of any women and bring out the right features when wearing the right pieces at the right occasion and hence it takes a special place in women’s accessories.

    The importance can be explained by the fact that women are wearing these accessories since ages and its importance is only rising with the passage of time.

    3. Belts

    waist belt for women

    Belts are another great accessory which women love to wear. Almost all clothing stores sell them in various size, shape, designs and you can choose the one best suitable for your items of clothing and the fashion you want to carry.

    There is a distinction between the types of belts available; generally there are 3 types: –

    1) Skinny belts – 1 inch or thinner

    2) Medium belts – 1.5 inches or thicker

    3) Wide belts – larger than 3 inches

    The basic idea is that more light the fabric, the better it is to pair with a skinny belt and in comparison for thicker fabrics opt for thicker belts.

    4. Scarf


    A scarf is the simplest form of accessory: a single piece of cloth used for many purposes across various cultures and used from many centuries. In India, finely woven silk and cashmere scarfs were one of the earliest fashion statements.

    Scarf provides the best canvas for experimentation which is not often available with accessories or clothes owing to their shape and size.

    Wearing a scarf gives a different level of sophistication to your personality when fashioned with right colours.

    Some women even go ahead with their love for scarfs to collect a variety of scarfs from various parts of the world.

    5. Watches

    watch for women

    With women getting more modern in their outlook, a watch is a style statement to reflect that modern perception and to keep you on track with your busy schedules.

    Like many fashion accessories, there are an equal amount of varieties available in watches to choose from. If you are unsure about which one to buy, just have a look at your wardrobe and take your lifestyle into consideration. Whether you want to choose a classic timeless look or flaunt your sporty lifestyle, there are designs available to perk up your outfit.

    6. Hair Accessories

    Why fashion accessories matters and how to choose the best ones? 6

    Hair accessories plays both a functional and ornamental aspect in women’s accessory. Throughout history, the type of colour, design and the way they function has signified class, religion, social class and the level of fashion awareness.

    Varied in colour, fabric, shape and size the common examples of hair accessories includes hair clips, headband, ribbons, barrettes are some classic examples.

    These days while creating your wardrobe it is important to take into account your hairstyle and the accessory you are wishing to carry.

    Wrapping up, I would like to say that the whole purpose of fashion & accessorizing is to highlight your best features, convey unspoken feelings and bring out your glamorous side. So choose your presentation with care and accessorize yourself appropriately for every occasion.

    Sanjeev Kulkarni
    Sanjeev Kulkarni
    Sanjeev, an independent health consultant & a professional blogger for Vishwa Global. He loves to write on topics about health & wellness to help people prevent health issues and stay healthy all their life.

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