Some surprising facts you need to know about Green Tea

    There are a few advantages of green tea which has made it a trend around the world. Most medical experts have advised it with a few journal and reports been composed talking about the tee. Green tea is grown in numerous nations worldwide and sent out to those that don’t develop it. It is a common drink to numerous and can sometimes be addictive. Green tea comes in different varieties and is normally prepared before it tends to be utilized. There are a few things you probably won’t think about your most loved beverage. Udyantea has shown the surprising facts about green tea positively to recognize why you should begin drinking this green tea.

    History of green tea

    The history of tea dates back to 2700 year BC. The first tea drinking is reported to have occurred in China when a mythical emperor Shennong who was accepted to be the dad of father of medicine discovered it. It is said he tasted a few natural plants previously finding the many health benefits of tea. A few books describing the planting and planning of tea were later distributed talking about the advantages picked up from taking the green tea. The green tea was later to spread to other Asian nations like Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.

    Surprising Facts About Green Tea:

    1. Green tea is not naturally bitter

    If your daily cup of green tea tastes bitter, all things considered, it hasn’t been brewed correctly. Possibly the water was excessively hot – green tea tastes best when it’s brewed with cooler water.

    2. Green tea does not require any special equipment to brew

    You can mix green tea with as little as a kettle, you don’t need bother with extravagant bowls or pots to mix green tea.

    3. Green tea can improve your mood

    Green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that goes acts as a relaxant, which clarifies why you may feel so relaxed after drinking your daily cup.

    4.  Green tea isn’t always green in colour

    While the facts demonstrate that some green teas, like the Japanese sencha, can appear bright green after they’re brewed, most green teas are meant to look pale yellow when brewed correctly.

    Revitalize Your Life With a Sip of Rejuvenation Green Tea

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