Fashion 101: Ways to Dress Better When You Are Plus Size

    “Confidence will make you happier than any diet ever will. Embrace your body!” – Author Unknown

    Great fashion and style comes in all forms and sizes–even when you are plus-size. Being a little overweight does not automatically mean you cannot be fashionable anymore, it just means you need to have an idea of what aspects of your body you should highlight. Additionally, it would do wonders if you can rock the clothing ensembles you are donning with confidence. So, whether you are wearing wholesale clothing (such as wholesale steve madden) or retail buys, remember to own it and take note of these fashion tips and advices when dressing up if you are rocking clothes that are plus-size.

    1.) Build a better wardrobe

    If you have recently put on weight, it would make sense if you got rid of the clothing items that no longer fit you, or at least take them out of your closet and set them aside for the time being. Instead, make room for clothing purchases that would accentuate or conceal certain areas of your body. Pay close attention to cuts, patterns, and colors. Know how to draw people’s eyes toward or away from your figure. Some noteworthy tips would include that dark colors hide, while light colors highlight and steer clear from big patters as they tend to make you look bigger.

    2.) Wear well-fitting undergarments

    Your undergarments serve as the foundation of your entire ensemble, so make sure that they do fit you well. It would be hard to pull off a fabulous and sexy look if you are wearing either flimsy or ill-fitting undergarments beneath that. With this in mind, invest on a bra that will lift your figure and help you avoid backaches. Additionally, to trim down girth around your thighs and hips, wear underwear that is high-waist and has supportive cotton quality.

    3.) Find fits that will flatter your body

    Do not make the rookie mistake of concealing your entire body by wearing loose-fitting garments as you will only succeed on making yourself look bigger than you truly are. Instead, invest in tailored clothes that will enhance your body’s shape and complement it best. In general, look for A-line cut skirts and tailored trousers and skirts. Fashion items you should stay away from are flared pants, pencil skirts and wide-leg trousers.

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    4.) Accessorize!

    Do not forget to play up and enhance your outfits by utilizing fashion accessories such as belts and earrings. Additionally, do not afraid to go bold. Beautiful and rather unusual accessories will make your wardrobes look more attractive and versatile and would make any looker ignore your weight. Make a statement with large and bold jewelry such as big earrings and long necklaces. These may overwhelm smaller women, but would complement you nicely. Big handbags are also great as they would look excellent when complemented with the right outfit. Lastly, invest in a good and fashionable belt and create and accentuate your waist by wearing it around it to highlight your figure.

    Katheryn Gumba
    Katheryn Gumba
    Katheryn is a blogger and fashion enthusiast. She also loves to travel and explore new things.

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