Foldable Ballet Pumps – Shoe Revolution 2016

    Women love their shoes! It is amazing to find that many women have umpteen pairs of shoes in their wardrobe, right from stilettos to heels, from blocks to wedges, from sandals to flip flops, from ballerinas to boots and so on. Different shoes are suited to different costumes and help in making the right style statement. But along with style statement, another thing which is important regarding choice of shoes is the comfort factor. Wearing uncomfortable and hard shoes for long is not good for your legs as they develop strain and can injuries as well.

    Shoe trends in 2016

    Trends in shoes keep on changing year after year. 2016 is the year for fashionable and stylish ballet pumps. If you check your wardrobe carefully, you will find that there is atleast one pair of pumps in the shoe collection. Since they are simple and without heels they stay right at the back of the wardrobe. Infact you might have forgotten that a pair like this exists with you. But now it is time that these are dusted and brought out as pumps are high in vogue again.

    The ballet pump is an awesome slip-in shoe which is extremely comfortable. Wear these all day through without putting any kind of pressure on the feet. Infact these have become highly preferred choices as everyday shoes with women who have to spend quite few hours outside. The looks and the designs of the shoes have undergone some change. Instead of the round toe, most of these shoes now have almond-shape toe, making the shoes all the more stylish and attractive.

    Different styles and designs of flat ballerinas

    If you thought that ballerinas are boring as they are flat, you are wrong. Companies like Cocorose London manufacture extremely stylish and fashionable flat pumps for all reasons and all seasons. While some of the shoes come in solid single colors, some have attractive designs and patterns done on them. Some have small bows on the front part of the shoes for additional styling.

    The materials used in the making of these shoes are nothing but high quality leather. Some of the shoes are decorated with beads, sequins and other items; some come in more than one color combination. While the main shoe is of uniform color, the toe area and the heel area has different color. There are shoes for casual, regular wear as well as for parties and special occasions.

    Foldable pumps – a new style of shoes

    Haven’t heard of foldable shoes yet? Well, if you haven’t till now, you will soon. Foldable footwear is becoming extremely popular with women today as they can be carried from one place to another without any hassles. They easily fit in a small pouch and fit snugly in your purse. Infact the pouches in which these shoes fit are stylish and good looking. One of the best examples to prove this point is to check out shoes from Cocorose London.

    Usually women prefer wearing heels and stilettos in parties and special occasions as these help in making them look tall and attractive. But staying in such shoes for long hurt the feet. And this is where these foldable flat shoes come to the rescue. If the party lasts nightlong, just change to the flat stylish pumps and enjoy without being uncomfortable and without hurting the feet!

    Daisy Carter
    Daisy Carter
    Daisy Carter is a Marketing Manager at Cocorose London. She has been creating some great & informative blogs and infographics about Latest Fashion Trends and Style.

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