A Smart Traveler Always Has This Accessory Handy

    When you are new to the travelling game then things can feel quite overwhelming, especially when you start debating what you will need during your time away from home. I have travelled quite a lot – to historical European cities, tropical islands and bustling cities and although the places are sometimes completely different than the last, I have realized that I always come to need the same number of things when I travel.

    This is why I would say that the most important accessory you can have when travelling is a great bag. Whether it is a backpack, a tote bag or any other kind you like, a bag is essential to carry the knick knacks you will need during your travels. Don’t ever think that you can just put your phone and money in your trouser pockets or your coat and walk out of the hotel because travelling often involves long days where you walk a lot and take a number of unexpected U-turns, so you need to be prepared.

    Choosing a bag that will match with your style is the way to go and always choose zippers or a good lock rather than a shopper bag so that you will be less vulnerable to pick pockets. Once you find the right bag for you, then it is time to fill it with essentials. The following are some of the things I carry in my bag – things that I would recommend you carry as I have needed to use these items a number of times when I was travelling.


    Make sure you always carry your pills on you because you may take longer to arrive to your hotel than you had planned. I also like to carry pills just in case I have a headache or a stomach ache from eating some of the local cuisine.



    When your holiday involves hours of travel on a train or a bus, there will be times when you will want to shut out the noise around you to relax. Headphones can help you do this easily so you can enjoy the scenery or even take a power nap.

    Tissues and Wet wipes

    You will be touching a million different things, you will be using public restrooms and eating out every day so tissues and wet wipes are essentials to always have clean hands. You can also carry an anti-bacterial formula to feel extra clean.

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    Whether I am heading to a tropical island or a European city, I love bringing a pair of sunglasses along in my bag so that I can squint less and look better in photos. Choose a pair that has UV protection so that those long days in the sun won’t damage your eye sight. This applies to everyone! So guys who like travelling should also have a pair of men’s sunnies with them wherever they go.


    This is a no brainer but do make sure you put the money in a secret pocket in your bag so that you will be less of a target for pick pockets. You can also divide your money by putting some in your trouser pockets and the rest in your bag.

    Dry snacks

    I love tasting the local cuisine when I travel but carrying dry snacks in your bag is a great idea for when you are on a long bus ride or walking in the middle of nowhere for hours and you suddenly feel squeamish and in need of something to eat.

    Portable phone charger

    The last and most important thing is a portable phone charger. You will be using your phone to communicate and take pictures, read and even for directions so having a fully charger battery is not only a luxury but it is essential!

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