Guide to Picking Good Skate Shoes

    Did you know that riding a four-wheeler will not cost you a big deal? Yes, riding a four-wheeler got cheaper, thanks to the skateboard! If you love adventuring, we recommend you buy a skateboard. Skateboards can ride on surfaces such as asphalt, tarmac and concrete. 

    But before you buy a skateboard, you need to invest in the right kind of skate shoes. In addition, the equipment to ride a skateboard is crucial because that’s what will make your process more enjoyable and safe. 

    Let’s check out this guide which will help you choose the right skate shoes

    Types of skate shoes:

    1. High-top skate shoes: These skate shoes end slightly above the ankle and offer additional padding and cushioning with extra stability. They are warmer and ideal if you want to skate during the winter.
    2. Mid-top skate shoes: This balanced model offers a little comfort and protection but a great deal of freedom of movement and versatility. 
    3. Low-top skate shoes: They are flat and have a low cut, which ends below the ankle and is exceptionally light, making them perfect for summer days.

    Skate shoe soles:

    1. The outsole: The outsole is in constant contact with all surfaces, including terrain, soil, water and concrete. They provide maximum grip and flexibility and are often built with high-tech shock-absorbing patterns.
    2. The midsole: This is the immediate layer between the outer and the inner sole.
    3. The insole: This removable feature can be chosen based on the skater’s preference. They provide extra cushioning to the feet and can be replaced easily.

    Types of upper material:

    1. Suede: This is the most popular fabric used in skateboarding shoes because it is durable and water-resistant. 
    2. Patent leather: This is a less durable fabric and cheaper than any other.
    3. Canvas: This is the best alternative to leather and is light and highly breathable, allowing your feet to stay dry, especially during the summer.

    Skate shoe size:

    Because everyone’s feet differ in size, you need to buy your own skate shoes, which should neither be too big nor too small. As a general thumb rule, the perfect shoe size should have an inch of gap between your big toe and the tip of your shoe. Also note that the UK, US and EU sizes differ, so check your size twice before buying. When landing during skateboarding, the sole of your feet should press against the deck of the board, and hence your shoes should be wide enough to allow enough room for your feet inside to stay relaxed.

    When choosing the right pair of skate shoes, you should keep all these things in mind. However, don’t compromise on comfort because the main requirement is that the shoes should allow you to stay connected to your board. 

    Pay special attention to the quality of the fabric because if you aim to save some bucks, you will end up buying sub-quality shoes, meaning the constant wear and tear will urge you to repurchase a new pair.

    Now that you’ve decided to buy a skateboard, enjoy your experiment to the fullest.

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