Top Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lashes & Providing The Right First Impression.

    If you want to be successful in today’s very competitive business world then you really do need to take steps to try to create the right first impression every single time. It seems grossly unfair but people do judge us within the first 10 to 15 seconds of meeting us and they think they will be able to sum us up in full based on that first meeting. It puts a lot of pressure on all of us to look our best and the thing to remember here is that people immediately make eye contact and so this is a part of your body that you need to try to enhance if at all possible.

    We give the skin on our faces lots of attention when we moisturise every morning and every evening, but for some reason we don’t give the same kind of attention to our eyelashes. The eyes are what draw people in and so anything that surrounds them needs to be in tiptop condition and so you need to start taking care of your eyelashes and you can learn about that here at where they know absolutely everything about eyelash health and how to make them stand out. The following are some ways to maintain and improve upon your eyelashes.

    • Get an eyelash comb – This is a necessary piece of kit for all of us to take care of our eyelashes, much like you would comb the hair on your head to keep clean and shiny, the same applies to your eyelashes.
    • Use a moisturiser – You can get many different kinds of moisturisers from the above link and it is so important that you apply it on a regular basis so that your eyelashes do not dry out and look incredibly tired.
    • Take a day off – This doesn’t mean from your work but it does refer to the wearing of makeup. For you ladies out there, it is important that you take the odd day off here and there to give your eyelashes a little bit of a break even if you are working from home.

    It is also incredibly important that you eat a diet that offers you all of the essential minerals and vitamins that any healthy body needs. Always remember to remove all of your make up and your false eyelashes at the end of any working day. Try to keep the mascara to a minimum if at all possible and this will further protect the health of your eyelashes.

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