How to Look Good Wearing Your Refurbished Men’s Shoes

    My mother always tells me to invest in good looking and quality shoes, she said this is because people judge you from the shoes that you wear.

    I couldn’t agree more.

    So that’s what I did, I invested in premium quality shoes, may it be leather, rubber and everything in between I see to it that I’m always getting the best that my budget can afford.

    Once a pair of shoes started to manifest wear and tear, like cracks, faded color and worse, holes in the soles, they are immediately retired.

    This bums me out big time especially if I’m losing a favorite pair, and with guys like us, we pick our shoes very carefully.

    We pick our shoes like we pick our cars and ultimately, like we pick our girlfriends.

    Yeah take it from me, once my favorite pair starts to deteriorate it’s time to retire them and just keep them in a shoe rack where I can gaze and admire them from afar.

    That was until I discovered this shoe repair specialty shop. Not only do they do an amazing job restoring and refurbishing your favorite pair, they even go an extra mile to ensure that your pair will last you a really long time.

    At this shoe restoration shop they use the best available premium materials to get the same if not even upgraded look of your shoes at the time you bought them. A spokesperson of shop quipped that they pride themselves in the service that they offer –  that is not only to restore, refurbished and renew your old damaged pair of kicks, but they even go the extra mile by guaranteeing each and every of their works for full customer satisfaction!

    So can you still look good using your refurbished shoes? You bet you do. Here’s my take:

    Let’s call this the top 5 dress shoes:


    Common characteristics of Oxfords is that they come with a low instep, non-rubber sole and closed lacing and made of leather.

    Oxfords are usually plain with minimal if ever – embellishments. These are traditionally all-around dress shoes that you can wear in a variety of occasions.

    Basic, unadorned black oxfords are always apt for office wear. Cordovan brown, suede, oxblood, brown, white and chestnut are color choices you can play with for semi-formal or chic events.

    For corporate and formal affairs, black oxfords made of shiny and highly polished leather are the call of the day.


    Introduced in the early part of the 20th century, loafers are considered as dressy sport shoes (yachting anyone?) One characteristics of loafers that sets them apart is that they lack laces and buckles, needless to say, they resemble moccasin because they are traditionally the slip on shoes. If your pair has suffered considerable wear and tear, many shoe repair shops can restore them for you superbly.

    Loafers today comes with tassels, you can slip into a comfortable pair and use them as your daily dress shoes and still manage to get a drink or two after work.

    Dress Boots

    You easily distinguish dress boots from its closest relative because of their characteristic snugly fitting form, low heel and length that reaches the ankle.

    Often highly polished and embellished with small holes that forms a pattern (a wing tip type), these boots will make you look stunning whether with dressy and casual clothes. (Insert your favorite combination here gentlemen)

    These boots are the epitome of style and comfort as they come fitted with rubber sole and sleek burnished leather.

    Whether paired with jeans or blazer, their classic shape and lacing feature allows the wearer the best of both world – office appropriate or suited up – both.

    Monk Strap

    They might be similar to loafers to some degree – they don’t come with laces, instead they have this metallic buckle and a leather strap on the upper portion of the shoe. Classic monk strap designed shoe comes in black with the characteristic strap buckle and wider heel that instantly gives them the casual look. Great for pairing with dressy jeans or a casual dress pants to the office.

    Your favorite but worn out dress shoe can still have another life if you let repair shops do the restoration for you.

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    Daryl Stewart
    Daryl Stewart
    Daryl Clark has been assisting with online Marketing for 6 years. He has been managing online businesses for 17 years and is the owner of D. Clark Associates.

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