Stay Organized with a Smart Wedding Checklist


Putting a wedding together is no easy feat. It’s the kind of task that can quickly balloon out of control, involving a ton of elements that you didn’t even realize were going to be part of the process. From the guest list to the party favors, there are a ton of moving plates that come with just about any wedding, which means you’ve got a few different plates to keep spinning. Organization is going to be your best friend when you’re getting ready to put a wedding together, which is why having a smart wedding checklist will make all the difference in the world as you plan the big event.

Design Choices

The way your wedding looks and feels is always important. It’s said that good design is invisible, which is why we might not think that the look and feel of an event is as important as it actually is. The colors and—believe it or not—typeface that you use in your wedding designs are going to make a big impact when it comes to the way your event looks. Organize a list of design elements that you’re going to want to decide on to help the process along a bit. After all, everything from personalized napkins to signs and banners will be making use of the colors and typefaces that you pick out for your wedding.

Venue & Atmosphere

Venue is always important, and is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to putting a wedding together. This should probably be its own section of your smart wedding checklist, because there are a ton of items that go into making your venue exactly what you want it to be for your special day. Sure, you’ve picked out a venue, but does it already have everything you need for your event? Figure out what types of fixtures and facilities you might need to add to the venue that you pick, so you can make sure you have exactly the wedding you’ve been dreaming about.


The Little Things

customized-slide-boxesIt’s no secret that little knick knacks can make the difference between a boring wedding and a memorable one. Little things like customized slide boxes at everyone’s table for the reception, or the tried-and-true disposable camera can really make a difference to your guests, making your wedding go from something that was special to you and your significant other to something that’s special for everyone involved.

Planning can sometimes seem like a monumental task, especially when the list of things you have to do starts to build. When it comes time to plan your big day, making a smart wedding checklist is going to be one of the best ways that you and your spouse-to-be can keep manage the monumental amount of tasks that stand between you and your special day.