The different styles of loafer shoes that you need to know about

They say good shoes take you to incredible places, and a pair of comfy loafers does precisely that. This versatile footwear screams comfort owing to its laceless construction. The slip-on characteristic of loafer shoes makes them easy-to-wear and practical. They exude an unparalleled outdoorsy casual vibe that you cannot ignore. You can team a classic pair of loafers with semi-casual blazers, suits, trousers, and formal shirts; you name it. That is because despite being a traditional kind of shoe, it has its casual heritage. Loafers come in myriad styles, materials, and colours that this write-up will discuss in detail. Read on!


Marrying the traditional Mexican huarache’s elements with a loafer’s silhouette, you have the Basket loafer shoes. This style is a beachy and breathable option that resembles a sandal and is supremely chill.


If you have to frequent horse racing and polo matches, you must have the horse bit loafers. These iconic loafer shoes have a brass strap in the shape of a horse’s leash and are known for their distinctive style. Therefore, whenever you put on your smart casuals or semi-formals, do not forget to team it up with your horse-bit loafers.


A footwear classic that is preppy and irresistibly smart has to be the penny loafer shoes. Even after a hundred decades on, these preppy footwear classics have a special place on the shoe rack. Makers of the penny loafers drew inspiration from the Norwegian fishermen’s moccasin shoes and named it “Wee Jun.”

The shoe features a leather strip over the front. This leather strip has a cut-out diamond detailing that doubles up as a section for storing a dime hence the name penny. The penny loafer’s beauty lies in its versatility factor. You can dress up or down with the penny loafers regardless of your outfit’s style. They look desirable with tailored shorts, chinos, and a varsity jacket as they do with a jumper and shirt.


The Kiltie show features fringed panels made of spiky leather strips over the vamp. These shoes have a distinctive rustic style and come with buckles, tassels, and decorative laces.


The slipper loafer shoes are one of the stylish pairs that also present a dreamy, cosy fit. It sports no toe-switch, and therefore you can pair it with a dapper tuxedo. You can pair them with everything from denim to formal suits. Go for the slipper loafer that is longer and has a slight heel.


The laceless shoes feature decorative laces of leather dropping from the vamp. Most of the time, you will find these loafers to have a 36-degree lacing system. Because of the hanging tassels, the shoes look like laces tied on them. These conventional shoes have an understated and casual design that goes well with a plethora of outfit choices.

A loafer for every shoe lover!

You already know by now that the loafers are the most multifaceted shoes that you can have in your shoe stash. Have you found your favourite type from the ones mentioned above? If yes, slip them on and make a statement.

The different styles of loafer shoes that you need to know about 3
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