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    Fashion is an ideal blend of personal style and comfort. It is an aesthetic expression especially in the context of clothing, accessories, lifestyle, makeup, hairstyle, etc. Fashion is not only about looking good and following new trends but it is much more than that. It reflects one’s self-image and self-aspirations.  It tells a lot about an individual’s utility, values and culture without even actually communicating it verbally.

    Our Lifestyle is rapidly changing because of the change in fashion. A style blogger will keep updated about the new fashion trends.  “Mother-daughter matching pajamas” are becoming an emerging trend because the mother-daughter duo loves to wear clothes that gives them the utmost comfort and what’s better than airy pajamas. Moreover, they are considered “stylish” by fashion bloggers.

    Many people are assiduous about fashion as it is a perfect way to express oneself and to establish a positive image. Fashion is just not a simple word but behind the word, there is a whole new world of breaking stereotypes, creativity, breakthroughs, and endless possibilities. The fashion industry has a lot to offer, it keeps us updated with the emerging trends.

    The media plays an important role in establishing fashion trends. Media channels such as television, films, magazines create a bunch of new trends. These forms of media show a thousand of possibilities in the way certain items can be worn together. People may be inspired by the clothing of their favorite character from TV or movies and they want to dress accordingly.

    Let’s take a look at few of the most lovable fashion trends that are adopted by common people

    1. Fringing

    Last year fringe was all over the runaways and so it was believed that it will be a big hit in the next year and it was true. They can take on many forms from leather to yarn to metallic to denim.  A little fringe on your clothing will give you a dramatic look and it is feasible in all seasons.  It became the perfect choice for models to walk on runways.

    Many celebrities totally rocked their look by wearing fringe sweaters, skirts, accessories, shoes, and jeans.

    2. Animal Print

    Girl in an animal print dress

    Trends may come and go but animal prints will always be the forever chic. From leopard prints to tigers to cheetah, they will always make you feel relevant and classic. Leopard coats first gained a reputation this season and then came the tigers, cheetahs, and zebras. You can wear animal printed clothes with belts, scarfs and other accessories. You will not regret investing in this clothing.

    3. Denim is back!

    Girls taking selfie in denim dress

    Denim will never go out of style. It is a fusion of style and comfort.  This spring season you can wear highlighted styles of denim that has already acquired its place in this year’s fashion trends. You can wear embroidered denim which is a balance of masculine and feminine and it feels so easy to wear. Apart from this, you can wear low-slung straight denim pants, tie-ankle jeans, pintucks, etc.

    4. Straw hats


    The sun has finally decided to come out. Hats are the best way to protect yourself from harmful rays. Classic straw hats grabbed the attention this year. No other hat is quite a vacation like than a straw hat. Whether you have to dive into the beach or have to float a pool raft, just grab this hat.

    5. Combat boots

    Girl jumping in boots

    Combat boots have been on everyone’s lips for many years now. They are comfortable and never go out of style.  They are so cool and fashionable that will have many heads turning.  There are a variety of colors and styles available like striped, rockstud, off-white, leather and many more. As long as you wear them correctly, they will look tremendous on you.  You can wear them with dresses, shorts, sweater dresses, etc.

    These are the top 5 trends that have been followed by every fashion lover.  Every individual has its own definition of fashion. Wear whatever you are comfortable in and glam yourself up with these amazing fashion trends.


    Put simply, all of us wear clothes whether they are made by renowned stylists or ordinary people. Specific individuals are in charge of what you are using today. Particular people give the facilities for making the clothes we wear. Without these facilities or facilitator, you as well as I will be wearing what our predecessors put on back in time. Therefore, this brings us to the significance of the fashion business in our culture today. Fashion Industry has given a lot to transform ourselves periodically and it still continues offering a wind range of attires.

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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