What is EHP lab’s Oxyshred and does it really work?

    In 2011, EHP Labs created and launched a product called EHP Labs Oxyshred. The company claimed that this was a scientifically researched fat-burning dietary supplement that focused on a person’s metabolism to help them lose weight.

    Since its launch, EHP Labs Oxyshred has become very popular with those wanting to lose weight, get more energy, gain more mental focus and be in a better mood.

    How Does Oxyshred Work?

    According to the company’s website, when you start taking Oxyshred as a supplement, it will help with fat loss by increasing your metabolism (burning calories) and by improving your body’s ability burn fat. The product will also lower your appetite and suppress those snack-time cravings which lead to fat or weight gain.

    Besides this, Oxyshred can also help you focus better mentally, and lift your mood. It also boosts your immunity and will protect your body against infection during a calorie deficit.

    Who Can Take Oxyshred?

    Oxyshred has a few ingredients that could be dangerous for some. It has a moderate amount of caffeine as well as higenamine HCL. Higenamine HCL is especially dangerous for those with heart conditions, and caffeine can be bad for those with low caffeine-tolerance.

    This powdered-drink is not recommended for women who are pregnant or are nursing.

    Thus, if you have any kind of a health condition, or you are on medication, it is best to first speak with your doctor before you start taking Oxyshred. The company also warns that the product must be discontinued if you experience any negative effects after you drink this supplement.

    What are the Benefits of Oxyshred?

    Here are some of the benefits of Oxyshred:

    • As one of the leading fat-burning supplements, Oxyshred focuses on healthy weight loss by taking into account all the factors in dieting – boosting metabolism, increasing energy and focus, suppressing cravings and appetite.
    • Rather than filling up on stimulants, this product focuses on raising metabolism and active fat burning.
    • Because it is not stimulant-based, you can use Oxyshred for a longer period of time and benefit from its fat-burning effects. Of course, you cannot use it for the long term as it wasn’t meant as a permanent solution.
    • It comes in 6 different flavours which means that you don’t get bored of the taste.
    • Oxyshred comes in a 60-serve container, which means its more value for money and lasts longer.

    Disadvantages of Oxyshred

    Like any other product, Oxyshred is not perfect and so it too has a few disadvantages:

    • The proprietary nature of the blend keeps key information away from consumers. While you may know what the ingredients are, you don’t get to know the exact proportion in which they have been included.
    • The flavours, while generally popular, don’t go down too well with those who do not have a sweet tooth.
    • After 1 or 2 tubs, you may notice that the product is not as effective as it used to be. This is because you body has acclimatized to the product and you will need to take a break from Oxyshred.
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