Summer vibes: Muslim wear for the hottest season of the year

    No matter what faith you follow, I’m sure you would agree that “Modest is the New Black.” Modest fashion has been breaking all stereotypes and is being chosen by more and more people worldwide who now agree that you don’t need to flaunt your body or figure to look fashionable. But finding such clothes in summers can be a tad difficult and tricky since you want to do your best to stay modest but cool in this very hot season. So here are the key points to remember this summer and stay in style:

    Clothes that’ll make you feel airy

    There’s a pretty popular misconception amongst ladies that to stay cool in summers, you need to go for the most revealing clothes. To be honest, this is nothing more than a myth. By choosing light weight, breathable fabrics with flowy cuts, you will actually feel more comfortable and cool than a girl in a bikini.

    Mind the length

    Whether you are buying maxi dresses or skirts, keep in mind to go for the ones that come in longer lengths and are fully lined, you can easily find them at any of your favourite stores. They are pretty easy to wear, style up or style down and are extremely comfortable for summers. You can wear them casually as well as for formal events – a long dress is perfect for all occasions.

    Muslim wardrobe hacks

    Being a Muslim girl doesn’t mean that you won’t fall for a dress which doesn’t conform to your religious values. It’s pretty natural for all of us to fall in love with a sheer black sleeveless dress, or perhaps a blouse that’s revealing from the back. I would say that if there’s an outfit like this that you really love, then there’s nothing wrong with buying it as you can always use modesty hacks to turn it into something wearable.

    For instance, kimonos are an excellent choice in such cases as they are so in style these days, while being summer-friendly. In case of see-through dresses, you can either wear a slip or camisole underneath or go for various lightweight layering options such as tees. But when using such hacks, remember to coordinate your overall look nicely, for instance, if you are wearing a white tee under a sleeveless red dress then you should definitely add some white shoes or other accessories for a well-coordinated overall look.

    Don’t forget your hair

    The scorching sun and heat often makes people ignore their hair but summer is the perfect time to try out so many new hairstyles. For instance, this year, the top bun trend has been a favourite one for celebrities. You can add details to it by adding some accessories or a braid, the same goes for ponytails. For a casual look, nothing can beat those messy side buns though. The point here of course is to keep as much hair off your neck as possible.

    Summers are the best times for experimenting with new looks, yet it may be a hard season for those who don’t like excessive heat. To make your summers easier, follow the tips and tricks discussed above. Try everything you love and if you have some modesty hacks or summer tips on your own, then do share them with us!

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