Fit Guide for Men: 10 Ways to Find Clothes That Fit You Perfectly

    It can be quite confusing to shop in a huge clothing mall or showroom when you do not know what to buy and what would look the best on you. Also, keeping in mind the latest clothing trends become a necessity if one needs to ace the look. A good quality shopping in the affordable range of budget calls for planning prior to heading in the market. 

    The foremost priority must be to find clothes that fit properly on the body. Here are the fitting criterias for the most commonly worn attires for men.

    Understand your body type

    It’s important to know about the dimensions of your body according to the standard clothing sizes to avoid any confusions at the store. A short height equals to 5’5″ and shorter, an average height complements to 5’6″ to 5’10” and a tall height is considered to be 5’11” and taller. Considering the height is necessary to buy the jackets or the pants of the correct length or otherwise get it altered. 

    A thin person needs to buy clothes that fit well on the body and often have to take the help of a tailor. Those with natural and toned muscle bodies look good in almost every clothing from slim fit suits to golf shirts. These people must buy clothes made from stretchable fabrics to fit according to the body shape. Those who have greater muscle proportion or higher amounts of fat than usual have to be even more careful to choose clothing such as a well cut suit piece or a blazer.

    Here are the most suitable fittings for the common men’s apparel-


    A perfectly fitting shirt makes the shoulder cuts visible. The shoulder seams of the shirt should coincide perfectly with the body shoulders. It should be such that the arms are raised and moved around comfortably without any constraint and no extra fabric should be accumulated around the back or under and along the sleeves. The collar must stand crisply up while providing a lined framework to the neck.


    A trouser that can fit well without a belt is the one with a good fitting. It should not seem to be saggy when the person sits comfortably. A good tapered pants is the one that does not cling to the lower leg, that is, the knee or the calf. The length must be so appropriate that it falls neatly over the rim of the shoe.


    Jeans from different brands have their own standard sizes and fit, so it’s better to try them once before buying. The stomach should not seemingly pop out or look aggregated over the waistband of the jeans after they are zipped and buttoned. Slim fitted or tapered jeans look better than the ones with a relaxed fit. These give a clean look to the body while fitting properly around the buttocks and the thighs. The bottom hem of the jeans must not graze the top surface of the shoes.


    A typical feature of proper fitting t-shirts is that the sleeves glide perfectly between the shoulder and the elbow by taking the shape of the muscle. The length is appropriate when it lands just below the belt line to make it look good with every style such as wearing an over shirt. It must fit evenly on all sides of the body but must be wide enough to deliver comfort while wearing.


    The foremost thing to consider while wearing blazers is the shoulder seam line. It must land perfectly over the shoulders to give a proper fitting. The length of the blazer can be said to be correct if the fingers of the hands can touch the bottom hem of the blazer without bending the arms. A slim fit blazer gives the best fitting when the arms are relaxed. The best fitting is when the blazer ends a little above or coincides with the curve of the backside of the body.


    A good fitting suit makes a person appear taller and slimmer that gives a more handsome and confident look. The inner outline of the suit must be closer to the body frame to give it a similar shape. The fitting near the shoulders is considered perfect when the sleeves fall directly to the cuffs. The point where the horizontal shoulder coincides with the vertical arm must not have any constraints. The front labels should be such that they lie flat over the chest. They should not pull or constrain when buttoned or the jacket is intended at the waist. The correct pants are the ones that taper just above the upper surface of the shoes. 


    Sweaters and cardigans add volume to the shoulders and are thus the best for thin people. When talking about average sweaters, they must not glide down the shoulders and must be such that the thick fabric does not accumulate under the arms when a jacket or coat is worn over it. Crewneck sweaters look the best with a t-shirt or a collared shirt while v-neck sweaters fit perfectly with a collared dress shirt. The same criteria stands true for big and tall hoodies who also have standard sets for proper fitting.

    Wearing clothes that fit perfectly according to the body type is the key to a resonating image in society. It’s necessary to know the dimensions of your body and the complementary sizes to save time during shopping. Consider taking the help of a tailor if you cannot find the right size for you who can alter the same. 

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