9 Myths and facts about your digestive system

    There’s one thing that can be said for our digestive systems: a large portion of the world’s population invests no time in their wellbeing. In American, 73% of adults are overweight, which is an astonishing figure. Why? Because it is so easy to access fast food and ready-to-eat meals if life is very much on the go. Yet, our digestive system is the powerhouse of our whole body. Our heart keeps us alive, but without our digestive system, our heart, mind, and the rest of our body wouldn’t survive.

    Myth: Colon Cleanses Detox Your Gut

    Colon cleanses were trendy at one point. People went out of their way to perform colon cleanses, whether naturally or through a procedure. It’s something many celebrities still do, including the Kardashians. However, most people opt for natural colon cleanses by drinking pure vegetable and fruit juices, teas, or consuming specialized tablets. The main aim of colon cleansing, realistically, is to drop a few pounds. People don’t normally want a colon to cleanse because they want to clear out their system.

    And, science proves that even if that was the goal, your colon and gut do the work just fine on their own. Unless advised by a registered professional, colon cleansing can cause fatigue, dehydration, nausea, and mood swings.

    Fact: You Can Speed Up Your Digestion and Absorption

    While most digestive systems work just fine on their own, it’s common knowledge that some people have a faster metabolism than others. What that means is that some people can move food through their gut quicker than others. But, with the help of BiOptmizers, that can all change. Digestive enzyme supplements can help to speed up the metabolism and increase the absorption of essential amino acids. That helps to make you healthier and reduces the chances of fat accumulation because of poor digestion.

    Myth: It’s Easier To Digest Uncooked Food

    There are people out there who think that uncooked food is much easier to digest than meat. Meat is considered by many to be harder to digest, but it’s not the meat that’s the problem. The fact is, fat can and does slow down digestion, but the meat itself takes around the same time to digest as vegetables. So, you can now argue against anyone that says the human body isn’t meant to eat meat.

    If you are worried about meant and how it affects your digestive system, there’s plenty of information to be found online. Generally, if you can get cuts of meat that aren’t fatty, it’ll be just as easy to digest as vegetables. Of course, there is a lot of information about the benefits of plant-based diets, so don’t rule out another diet choice!

    Fact: Your Gut Is Connected To Your Brain

    Yes, your gut is connected to your brain in more ways than one. If you’ve ever had the feeling of wanting to go with your gut instinct or feel like you get butterflies in certain situations, that’s because you’re getting signals from what some experts are calling the “second brain.” It’s also known as the enteric nervous system (ENS).

    The ENS controls everything that happens in your digestive system and communicates with the brain while doing so. That’s why, if you eat a heavy, greasy meal, you’re not likely to feel good about it. Or, if you’re suffering from a bad bout of IBS and feel down, that’s likely to be the emotion from your gut sending information to your brain.

    Myth: Stress Causes Stomach Ulcers

    It has long been a myth that stress, and even spicy foods, can cause stomach ulcers. Although stress isn’t pleasant, stress won’t be the direct cause of stomach ulcers. Helicobacter pylori are likely to be the culprit. It’s a bacteria known to be the leading cause of stomach ulcers and even some types of cancer. Over half of the global population will have been infected with the bacteria at some point in their life, but it can be easily treated with antibiotics.

    Fact: Stomach Acid Would Burn Your Skin

    Yes, if you were to put a few drops of stomach acid on your skin, it would most likely burn it. Parietal cells found in the stomach produce acid to break foods down. That produces a type of hydrochloric acid that can and would burn your skin, but fortunately, you’re protected by a mucus layer in your stomach.

    Myth: You Should Eat Mountains Of Fiber

    Fiber is indeed an excellent digestive aid. And, it’s also true that an increased intake of fiber can help your digestive system. However, that’s advice for people who aren’t getting enough fiber in their diet. Currently, the recommended amount of fiber intake is 25g per day. That’s enough to keep a normal digestive system moving as it should.

    Fact: Detergent and Gut Enzymes Are Similar

    Some enzymes in washing detergents used to remove stains are the same as the ones in your stomach. It’s the lipase and protease enzymes that are both the same. Interestingly, Lipases are responsible for breaking down fats and oils, and proteases break down protein chains. That’s why they both work well in the gut and for stain removal.

    Myth: Nuts Cause Diverticulitis

    Diverticulitis can lead to diverticular disease, but the myths that nuts cause either have been debunked. Diverticulitis refers to digestive conditions that affect the bowel. It causes diverticula—small bulges that develop in the lining of the intestine. It’s unpleasant and can cause discomfort, but eating nuts won’t lead to it. Eating nuts, in moderation, is very good for your body.

    Typically, diverticulitis happens because of pressure on weaker parts of the bowel, which causes bulges to protrude through the colon wall. Still, it is something that can be treated and doesn’t happen too often.

    There you have it, nine myths and facts about the digestive system. One thing to take away from this information is that treating your digestive system well can prevent a whole host of problems, from diabetes to IBS. Think about what you’re putting into your body and what your digestive system needs.

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