Creative Wedding Videographers: Low-Cost Alternatives

    A wedding video can be your one chance to make sure that every moment is captured in perfect detail. Maybe you’ll want to relive that moment for the rest of your life. A professional film will capture all those special moments from start to finish – without missing anything important along the way: customs formalities, kisses blown by hurricane force winds right at sunset with only two people left standing after an epic party has died down.

    A wedding video is one of the best ways to immortalize a special day. Being able to hear your wedding vows, the sweet, raw emotions captured on video is just priceless. It is without a doubt one of the important parts in your wedding.

    But we have to be honest – videographers aren’t cheap.They can cost upwards of $10,000 or more! Luckily for brides on a budget, there are plenty of low-cost alternatives out there! Want to keep your wedding memories forever? Consider trying one of these for an unforgettable and budget-friendly video:

    1. Use your phone!

     Don’t worry about setting up the perfect shot. If you have a smartphone, just take it out and start recording what’s happening around you. Then either download the video to edit later. There are tons of free editing softwares available nowadays. Or just upload it to YouTube right away so everyone can watch it online immediately! This way there is no need for any editing whatsoever which makes sharing much easier too.

    Don’t forget that most modern phones these days come equipped with HDR technology which helps increase color richness and exposure in tricky lighting conditions like those found at weddings. They will work well enough to get all of those special moments on film without spending money on a professional videographer.

    2. Drone Shots

    Another great way to get some stunning shots without spending tons of money is by using drones! There are lots of affordable options out there and they come with all kinds of exciting features like 360 degree flying capabilities too! 

    Modern drones have come a long way in just the last few years. From breathtaking stills from new perspectives or tracking shots that show every detail of your wedding. Plus the footage looks fantastic once it’s been edited together! 

    3. GoPro

    GoPro is the perfect camera for capturing your wedding day and it’s one of our favorite options too. If you don’t already know, this little wonder can be worn by anyone on their body to capture some great action footage from a first person perspective (FPV). One of the most creative ways to hide a GoPro camera during the wedding is placing it inside of the brides’ bouquet. This tiny device can be tucked away in tightest spaces, so you won’t have any problem getting it into the bouquet! GoPro shots look fantastic when edited together with drone shots as well!

    4. Handheld Cameras

    A more traditional approach to wedding videos, this method relies on the simplicity of setting up a camera and having someone hit record. The recording process can be done in just one take.

    The most important thing to remember when capturing video of your wedding day is that you should find the right positioning for it. You can also have multiple cameras on tripod capturing on different angles. It’s a sure way to have authentic footage of the day. It’s not sure to have a good quality  but if you want a more polished video that you want to share on social media or upload to Youtube, you can use a free video editing software or have a professional editor do it for you.

    5. Ask your friends to film

    If your friends don’t mind whipping up their phones on the day of your wedding, you can actually ask them to film! It’s also a free way of getting the perspective from your guests on their special day.

    It’s often the small moments that make a wedding memorable. There are so many things going on, and it can be hard to remember what was said when everyone’s talking at once! But if you want those important quiet conversations or first dances between husband and wife then ask someone close to you – a family member or friend – to film with their phone camera while they happen. Just make sure they know how to capture every single detail of the day without any professional equipment whatsoever.

    Professional photo and video services aren’t cheap. The Knot’s survey showed the average American couple spends more than $4,000 to document their special day when they opt for both–but don’t worry! You can still have that without breaking the bank.

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