10+ pieces of Advice for Wedding planning during Covid-19

    It is a sad truth that pandemics greatly affected the happiest moments of our lives. Wedding is a very pleasant and happy moment for the couples as well as their families but due to pandemics, people are limited in their events and cultural rituals. We have no option except to follow the safety rules. 

    How Weddings in Covid-19 are Risky?

    A wedding is an event where a large number of people gather and they are from different areas and families. The more guests mean the greater chance of Covid-19 separation. Following are some points that make wedding events risky:

    • A large number of people that are normally close to each other
    • Sharing food and drink with each other
    • Stay with each other for a longer time
    • Dance activities

    Wedding Planning Tips during Covid-19

    There are lots of things to be done necessarily. For your and your guests’ safety, we have prepared a list of advice that will reduce the covid-19 and your moments will remain pleasant.

    Try a Micro Wedding Event

    As the larger guests mean a great risk of virus separation so, you should plan your marriage with a few guests. Invite only the main family members in the event. Research showed that mostly the people of ages 50+ affected from Coronavirus[1] so, keeping them away from the ceremony is a good decision.

    Keep the Event Short

    Staying with each other for a longer time will increase the risk of disease. Your wedding should consist of minutes instead of hours. Just do the main rituals and forget about the unnecessary activities.

    Choose Open Environment

    The risk of coronavirus is 18 times greater in the close areas so, you should choose an open environment for the venue. An airy, natural, and open area can greatly reduce the risk of virus separation.

    Anyhow, if you are still going for an indoor venue then make sure it is properly ventilated.

    Set the Rules

    What can be the wedding rules in Covid-19? Well, we all know!

    You have to mention the rules for guests such as sanitizing hands, again and again, wearing a mask, and managing at least 5 feet distance from each other. Here is the list of rules that you and your guest must follow:

    • Do not attend the marriage if you are not feeling well
    • Wear the mask all the time
    • Manage a distance of 5 feet or 1.5 m from each other even while dancing
    • Use hand sanitizer again and again
    • Use the CovidSafe app (if available at your country level)

    Plan Physical Distance

    Managing a specific distance from each other is one of the weapons that we have against coronavirus. You have to maintain a distance of 1.5m from everyone for your and your guests’ safety.

    Skip the Music & Dance

    It is important to keep the wedding event as short as possible so, you can skip unnecessary activities such as dancing. The more event activities you will increase the more time people will spend together and the result can be unpleasant so, it is a good idea to skip the loud music and dancing.

    Use Tag for Guests

    It might look silly but this is a great idea for the safety of guests. You can mention the names of guests on the glass and crockery to make sure that no other person uses it. In this way, you can stop the incident sharing of food and drinks.

    Wash hands again & again

    The use of hand sanitizer is the biggest weapon that we have in the fight against coronavirus. Properly following rules is not only for your safety but can also save the guests from the disease so, make sure you are sanitizing your hand with the available sanitizer in the venue. Also, try to wear gloves so that incident touches anything that cannot affect you.

    Wear Masks & Gloves

    Wearing masks and gloves is necessary for health safety during Covid-19. Coronavirus spreads by touching and breathing so, you should wear a mask and gloves in public places.

    As the marriage ceremony will have groups of persons so, it should be necessary for all to wear masks and gloves.

    Try Virtual Marriage

    This is also a great option during the pandemic. Try not to exceed the number of guests from ten and start a live ceremony by inviting all the guests to the online event. Virtual marriage is the right option if the virus is spreading too fast in your area and you cannot postpone your marriage. In this way, everyone will remain safe.

    Roles of Guests in Wedding during Pandemic

    Are you invited as a guest to the ceremony? That’s nice but there are some duties too for you as a guest. As the Covid-19 is spreading fast and everyone is still trying to overcome it so, you have to follow some tips as a good citizen.

    Here are the tips to be followed when you are invited to a wedding ceremony:

    • Wear masks and gloves
    • Use hand sanitizer
    • Do not share food and drink with anyone
    • Keep a distance of 1.5m
    • Avoid and try to stop others from unnecessary activities like music and dancing
    • Do not stay longer in the venue
    • Avoid exchanging seats

    Postpone Marriage if the Risk is at Peak

    Although the above advice is enough for the safety of the bride, groom, and guests you should postpone your marriage if the virus is spreading quickly in your area. Coronavirus spreads faster in the cold environment so; wedding in a cold season is a bad idea.

    Above were 10+ tips for the safety of the guests for wedding events during Covid-19. Following those guidelines can make the event successful and happy ending.


    Ashish Sukhadiya
    Ashish Sukhadiya
    Ashish is second generation entrepreneur belong to diamond family business. Sukhadiya’s are in the diamond Industry since 1961. Being second generation business entrepreneur in Luxury entrepreneur, the passion for quality, perfection and integrity come naturally to him. He bring his family business from offline to online business world.

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