2 Simple And Easy DIY Cleaning Methods For Your Sliding Door Tracks

    Sliding door tracks that are dirty will clog up and make it difficult to open and close the door. Cleaning them once a week will help reduce the amount of dirt and grime built upon the door and make it easier to maintain. Simple kitchen cleaners can be used to scrub your tracks, or a vinegar and baking soda mixture can be used to remove stubborn dirt. After you’ve cleaned and lubricated your tracks, lubricating them will help the door open and close smoothly.

    Method 1: Performing a Basic Cleaning

    Phase 1: Vacuum the sliding door tracks after opening the door. Reach through the corners of the tracks with a vacuum attachment. Attempt to lift some more significant bits of dirt or debris to make the rest of the cleaning easier.

    Phase 2: Combine 1 cup (240 mL) water and a drop of non-abrasive cleaner in a mixing bowl. Add a few drops of cleaner to a bucket with a cup of warm water, such as Soap, denatured alcohol, or dish soap. Combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

    Phase 3: Using a wire brush and cleaning solvent, scrub the sliding door tracks. If you don’t have a wire brush, a toothbrush will suffice. Scrub the inside of the tracks with the brush dipped in the solution. Working your way from one side of the tracks to the other, pay special attention to trouble areas with stuck-on gravel.

    Phase 4: Using a rag or paper towels, wipe off the sliding door tracks. Wipe the tracks down with a paper towel or a dry rag after they’ve been scrubbed. Remove any soil traces from the tracks.

    Phase 5: Shut the door, clean, and scrub the sliding door tracks of the other door. To finish the washing, slide the door open and vacuum and scrub the tracks of the other door. Your tracks should be cleaner once you’re finished.

    Phase 6: To keep your doors running smoothly, clean your sliding door tracks once a week. Once a week, a quick cleaning will help keep dirt and grime out of your tracks and keep your door running smoothly. Allow no dirt to accumulate in your tracks.

    Method 2: Cleaning Stubborn Dirt with Baking Soda and Vinegar

    Phase 1: In a spray bottle, combine equal parts cold water and white vinegar. After filling the bottle with vinegar and water, give it a good shake to mix the contents. This will be used as a cleaning agent.

    Phase 2: Open your door and dust the sliding door tracks with baking soda. Extra baking soda can be sprinkled on places where there is a lot of dirt buildup. Continue to sprinkle the baking soda until all of the soil is coated.

    Phase 3: Spray the vinegar solution on the sliding door tracks and wait for it to fizz. Soak the track in the vinegar solution thoroughly. Allow 5-10 minutes for the solution to fizz. This will aid in the removal of stubborn dirt and grime.

    Phase 4: Using a toothbrush or wire brush, scrub the area clean. Remove any grime that has accumulated on the tracks with a wire brush or toothbrush. Beginning on one side of the sliding door tracks, make your way to the other. The solution should have loosened the dirt and made cleaning simpler.

    Phase 5: Using paper towels or a rag, wipe down the spot. Remove any extra dirt and grime with the rag. If the tracks are still dirty, spray them with more vinegar solution. Scrub the tracks from one side to the other until they are spotless.

    Phase 6: Open the door and do the same thing on the other side. Open the door and dust the area you didn’t cover with baking soda. Clean the area with the vinegar and water solution and repeat the procedure. Your sliding door tracks should be clean after you wipe them dry.


    When doing basic house cleaning tasks, certain parts of the house may be overlooked. The sliding door tracks are only one example of an environment that can be forgotten. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to clean the tracks, so you can fit it into your daily cleaning routine. You’ll be able to figure out which strategy works best for you after experimenting with a few different options. Remember, all the materials of the sliding doors tracks should be of the high quality to ensure their smooth functioning in the long time run.

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