10 Foods to Strengthen Your Immune System in Winters

    As plants and flowers need water to flourish, your body also needs special care and support during winter seasons. As in the long term, this support will help you to fight diseases like cancer, common cold, malaria, thyroid problems etc. Also, it can help you to reduce your age a little bit. Interested to know how?

    10 Foods to Strengthen Your Immune System in Winters

    As cold-causing viruses and bacteria can live up in any place, it is becoming hard and harder to avoid them. So we need to prepare our body so that it can protect itself from such disease-causing microorganisms. Today in this post, I am going to tell you about 10 foods which can strengthen your immune system.

    1. Eat a balanced diet

    A balanced diet is the best way to keep yourself healthy at all times. It comprises all the important vitamins, minerals, and energy which your body needs throughout the day. One should include vitamins A, C, D, E as well as minerals such as Omega 3s, selenium and zinc to support your immune system. Also, keep a focus on eating carb-rich food to provide you with energy.

    2. Increase vitamin C in your Diet

    Vitamin C helps to strengthen your immune system and also takes care of your teeth and gums. Less amount of Vitamin C will result in fatigue, dizziness, bleeding gums and ultimately common cold or ulcers in your mouth. To prevent such issues, you can increase the amount of Vitamin C in your diet.  Some good sources of vitamin C include citrus fruit, berries, Kiwi and green vegetables.

    3. Drink plenty of clean water

    Our body is made of 70% of freshwater and it is the most important ingredient your body needs. You might survive without food for several days but without water, you won’t be able to survive for long. So, increase the intake of pure water as it will help you to get rid of all the harmful toxins inside your body. Also, it is good for your skin as well.

    4. Green tea

    Green tea is a powerhouse of natural antioxidants which surely enhances your immune system. As Green Tea is steamed not fermented, it preserves all the natural antioxidants such as epigallocatechin gallate. On top of that, Green Tea is another good source of amino acid L-theanine which is great for your T-cells.

    5. Poultry

    Whenever you fall sick, your mamma will prepare you chicken soup. It is not only for the taste, but it holds many essential nutrients and vitamins which help the immune system to fight disease-causing bacteria. As poultry products have a large amount of Vitamin B-6 in them, which is an important catalyst for your inner body reactions. It is also vital for red blood cells formation.

    6. Turmeric

    This bright yellow spice is used in making curries for centuries. However, for thousands of years, traditional tribes are using it as an anti-inflammatory agent. It also helps in decreasing exercise induced muscle damage. The best source of turmeric is turmeric itself. It is easily available and you can use it any meal to spice it up.

    7. Yogurts

    Yogurt is being used for various causes to treat skin related problems. However, it is also beneficial for your immune system. Also, plain yogurt is better than the pre-flavored ones because it doesn’t contain any extra preservatives and sugar. Yogurt is also a great source of vitamin D which helps to make your bones and immune system strong. It is best to eat plain yogurt with fresh fruits.

    8. Nuts

    Nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds etc are a great source of fat, antioxidants, and vitamin E. Now when we talk about fat, we are talking about the good quality of fat which is required by your body to function well. Furthermore, adding them to your diet is also very easy. You can use them as a seasoning in almost every dish.

    9. Honey

    Honey is also very important as it contains natural antioxidants and many vitamins and minerals. It is an effective and healthy alternative to artificial sugar. It is also beneficial to get rid of any allergies. Also adding it into a child or adult’s life is also very easy. 

    10. Dark chocolate

    You will like this one a lot as someone who doesn’t like chocolates. However, did you know that dark chocolate contains a powerful antioxidant known as theobromine which helps to improve the immune system? It helps to accumulate the free radicals which form during the breakdown of food in our body. Dark chocolate has many benefits besides this. For eg. it makes you happy, it soothes your skin etc. However one must consume it in the limit as it is high in calories and saturated fat.

    So, guys, these are 10 foods which will help you to boost your immune system during the winter season. However, you should not rely just on food to protect yourself. Wear warm clothes and take care of yourself and cold won’t hit you at all. 

    Kedy is an editor at The General Post and helping people to balance their life and work. He loves to write about various topics that motivate readers to chase the success.

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