The Ultimate Floor Cleaning Guide


Every room in our home has a floor! We take them for granted as we walk back and forth on them every day, so it’s little wonder that our floors need to be cleaned very regularly to keep them dirt, dust and stain free.

Everyday wear and tear, spills and stains all need to be cleaned and looked after if your flooring is going to last, and as most of us have different types of flooring in various rooms, wood, laminate, carpets, rugs or tiles, how do you know how to clean and what you should do to care for each one?

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Cleaning your flooring doesn’t have to be difficult or too time consuming when you’re armed with the knowledge of how to clean each type correctly. Using a hoover properly, when to use water and when not to, and how to treat specific types of stains is all covered in the infographic below. We’ve also included some myth busters so that you’ll know that some may actually do more harm than good to your floors.

When you pay attention to the small details, and act fast and you’ll find that accidental everyday spills and stains can be removed without leaving too much of a lasting impression on your luxury carpet, rug, laminate or hard wood flooring.

The Ultimate Floor Cleaning Guide below is full of hints, tips and advice on daily, weekly and seasonal care, along with advice on stain removal. It’s a one stop guide to the different types of flooring and how to keep them looking their best, especially if you have children or pets in your home.

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Read on to find out more. Give your flooring the attention it deserves and it will last for many years, after all without your floors you wouldn’t have anywhere to walk on!


Floor cleaning guide
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