How to be Good at Shadow Boxing

    Shadow boxing

    In shadow boxing, the fighter or boxer moves around and throws a various combination of punches in the air. It is an excellent way to get ready before a fight or warm up or warm down. Shadow boxing enhances boxing techniques and helps the boxer improve his technique, speed, strength, endurance, footwork and reflexes. Shadow boxing helps the boxer prepare himself mentally for a fight and because of the freestyle nature, shadow boxing allows you to practice without any distractions and injury. If you are shadow boxing with a mirror or a coach, you’ll get instant feedback on how you can make your moves and combinations better.

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    The main purpose of shadow boxing is to find the combinations and moves that come naturally to the body. So every time you are fighting, you fight naturally and you don’t have to force your body. It brings calmness and natural movement to each boxer who tries shadow boxing. Any boxer who shadow boxes regularly is comfortable in a ring and he doesn’t need to switch on the fight mode. He’ll already feel natural and ready to fight. So before you wear your boxing gloves and step in the ring, you are already in fight mode because of shadow boxing.

    It also enhances muscle memory to remember the right combinations and how to land them successfully. This doesn’t require a lot of effort, but it requires you to calm down while getting better at every move.

    Goal oriented

    Shadow boxing is always goal oriented. You need to practice your skills in order to become a good boxer. The first step is to warm up properly. Move around, relax and shake your limbs. After that, your purpose of putting the body in motion is complete. Practice your punching combinations and work on the techniques. Focus on a few key points and work your way around them. In the next step, see how your mind and body is coordinated. Try different stances when you are practicing jabs and see which stance feels more natural. At the end, warm down slowly by rethinking all strategies you learned earlier and then remember them for the next workout.

    Execution mode

    Shadow boxing techniques should be practiced for at least 30 minutes every day. Professionals shadow box for almost an hour. Shadowboxing counts as a rest workout because you can do it anywhere, while watching a fight on TV, waiting in line for the punching bag, with your friend in the gym or office parking lot etc. the least amount of time spent on shadow boxing is 15 minutes. Try shadow boxing with a partner but keep a distance so no punches connect. It will help you in keeping your reflexes alert. Move around a punching bag and improve your footwork. Shadow box in front of a mirror so you can see your movements and improve them at the same time.

    Feedback to improve

    It is always better to get a second opinion on things especially if you are training in boxing. Trainers and coaches will be able to guide you in improving your stance and moves according to your skill. Positive criticism is very important in boxing. To do that, you can get professional help in boxing, get a full-size mirror and see what your moves look like. Make improvements and try again. Try throwing different jabs every day from the different stance and try with shifting the weight of the body on either foot.

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