How on-demand fashion app helps beauty and wellness industry

    The on-demand transportation, delivery and home chores services have made a prominent name for themselves in the global economy. On the other hand, the beauty service industry is looking out to capture a fair share of the market with their on-demand services, which is estimated at the worth of $46 billion.

    [su_pullquote align=”right”]According to Forbes, 28% of hairdressers, stylists and cosmetologists are already working as independent contractors to realise the dream of on-demand beauty services.[/su_pullquote]

    The beauty and wellness industry is a perfect domain for the on-demand services to gain friction and prosper.

    GlamSquad, a start-up based in New York, has achieved a net worth of around $9 million in two years. In the first year itself, the sales were approximately $5 million. They aim to cover another fifteen cities in the next two years, with their currently established platforms being in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. There are a number of firms offering on-demand beauty facilities such as The,, etc.

    Venesette is the most distinguished and acknowledged on-demand fashion app developer and was successful in obtaining a funding of $3 million in one year.

    Why on-demand fashion apps and on-demand beauty services are in vogue

    Beauty salon

    Fixing an appointment with a local spa/salon mostly turns into a Herculean task. Sometimes you do not get the time that suits your convenience and at times you have to sit in long queues in the waiting area. There may be other salons offering better deals and discounts but mostly people are unaware of them and fritter away their precious time waiting in a costly and over occupied salon.

    An on-demand mobile application for an online spa and salon booking would be the premier remedy for such a scenario. On-demand fashion development application provides beauty facilities and enables the customers in booking appointments by just clicking a few buttons. The salons which offer this particular service that makes the lives of the people quite effortless are way ahead of their fellow competitors. Beauty and Wellness app developing companies are receiving a major push guided by the needs and demands of the customers. 

    Beauty salon app

    [su_pullquote align=”right”]Zifi goes by the tagline: “Choose your stylist, book them instantly for free and save the date!”[/su_pullquote]

    Zifi is a highly thriving and acknowledged on-demand mobile app offering beauty services. The app permits you to book salon appointments free of cost. You are entitled to pay only when you make use of the booked appointment. The on-demand mobile app has made it easier for the people to take care of their beauty and wellness on a daily basis without wasting any extra time. The app is easy to use, effortless to operate and offers remarkable results.

    How on-demand fashion apps boost beauty and wellness industry

    The on-demand fashion app compares the prices of various salons, reviews the deals and discounts offered by each one of them and provides to the customer the best available option that falls within his/her budget. This has proven to be advantageous for both the users and businesses. The customer gets satisfaction, fulfillment and convenience and the businesses get the required profits and market share.

    Stated below are some observations on how the on-demand salon applications make profits and what their business structure looks like:

    The Marketplace:

    This marks the platform for registering of the salon/spa. This model is subscription based as the platform demands a subscription from the companies for registering.

    Aggregator platform for the independent contractors:

    This particular model is commission based as the platform charges a certain amount as service fee for every transaction from the registered contractors or freelancers.

    An on-demand beauty and wellness application: This allows the salon/spa to provide its facilities to the customers through various online portals and thereby increase its domain and expand its business.

    The Marketplace place model combined with the Aggregator platform enables people to compare the prices of different salons, view the deals and discounts offered by various companies and also post reviews and give feedbacks. It allows people to book appointments by the click of a single button. The Marketplace model books the services desired by the customers and guides them to the salon/spa. The Salon/Spa looks after the reservation by assigning the required service providers to the users. This process is still quite under developed and has very few companies offering these on-demand facilities.

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    As opposed to this, the Aggregator model sets up its own group of freelancers, providing praiseworthy services at your doorstep within the time pledged. A commission/service fee is charged for every transaction carried out and this becomes the source of their revenue.

    On-demand beauty and wellness application/website is similar to the Uber for X concept. Furnish an individual or a chain of salon/spa with a website/mobile application. Permit appointment booking, providing honest reviews and opinions, attaining feedbacks and facilitating online payment. The customers could either book an appointment for themselves at a salon or they could use the beautician finder application and call for a doorstep service as per their convenience.

    How to make the online beauty and wellness development business popular among the users?

    Add different new varieties:

    Including new and contemporary categories such as Ayurveda, laser, nutrition and diet consulting, aquatic therapy, beauty medication etc will be a good selling out option for the on-demand beauty services and will make the application stand out.

    Market, promote and sell beauty and wellness goods online:

    In order to keep yourself way ahead of your competitors, it’s advisable to include an online store in your application to sell and prescribe beauty and wellness products.

    Infiltrate a fresh geographic market:

    To generate more income and broaden the boundaries of your business to make it more known, entering and occupying a new geographic market would be the remedy.

    Circulate subscription boxes:

    Amalgamate your business prospects with subscription boxes platforms and start providing the customers a box of beauty products per month for a specific subscription fee.

    Initiate and launch unique offline beauty products and wellness facilities:

    Once you have been able to make a name for yourself in the market, establish various offline stores to expand and propagate your business on new levels.

    Use the internet:

    Provide on-demand beauty and wellness services to the customers at their respective homes and improve your overall persona by having a personalized application and website for your brand.

    So, all in all!

    Investors, in the present time, seem to be realizing the huge scope in this segment and they are keen on being a part of the bright future that this platform boasts of. As the magnitude of the opportunity is as large as $46 billion, multiple players can be a part of this industry. This is only the beginning and as more and more companies become a part of this platform, its success and popularity will know no bounds.

    Sonal Mehta
    Sonal Mehta
    Sonal Mehta is a Content Lead at Solulab, USA based leading mobile apps and software development agency, started by Ex vice president of Goldman Sachs, USA and Ex iOS lead engineer of Citrix. Solulab help build startups - we are a no-sweat technical partner for early stage entrepreneurs to launch ideas from scratch and for later stage startups to build more quickly and affordably.

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