Tips for marketing your health blog and gain more interest

    When it comes to website marketing, it’s important to remember that not all websites – in this case blogs – are alike, and therefore may need different approaches. This can make your marketing campaigns all the more interesting or all the more challenging to fulfill. However, if you find yourself in a bit of a conundrum about your health blog marketing needs, then the tips to marketing your health blog below can help you gain more interest.

    In fact, if you want to start getting traction for your brand through blogging, it appears to be quite the popular option. In fact, one well-written blog post can create as much traffic as six blog posts that are “decaying,” and that companies that blogged more than 11 times a month can earn as much as 4-times as many leads than a blog that only blogs four to five times a month.

    With these numbers in mind, here’s how an efficient marketing strategy can help your health blog and gain more interest from your readers.

    1. Always remember your branding

    How you do your branding is how you will be remembered, and as such it’s important to make sure your online presence is something that is stable and consistent. When audiences hear about your brand, they will most likely associate you with something, and as such it’s important as early as now to decide on the kind of approach you want to make with your content. What do you want your audience to know about you? Create a story, share it to others, and be sure you always have fun throughout the process.

    2. Plan your content releases

    When “content” is mentioned, it’s not just necessarily written blogs. Make sure you plan the content you release – be it blogs, images, infographics, or videos – accordingly. Try to build a content calendar that spans for a few months, with a few things to be released every week. This can be according to a theme, or a step-by-step tutorial, or other forms of combination you think is necessary in order to exemplify the kind of content you release for your blog. This forms cohesion and unity throughout your blog.

    3. Go back to your relevant content and update them

    As much as possible, make sure the content you release is connected to another piece of helpful content. This establishes continuity and relationship between your pieces, and nudges your readers towards a natural “progression” throughout your blog. This also gives them a reason to stay and read more articles.

    4. Powerful photos grab attention

    Clicking pictures of vegetables

    Try to avoid using stock photos as much as possible. If you know a thing or two about photography, or if you have someone who’s into photography, try to seek for their assistance in order to create fitting photos for your website and your article. The more unique your approach towards your photos, the more they can grab the attention of your reader once they get a hold of your website.

    5. Take advantage of social media

    People have gone digital, and as such marketing has gone digital, too. Gone are the days that people scramble to get themselves to the nearest store to see the latest sales. Almost all information they need about a product are already on the internet, and you should take advantage of this. Make sure you set up social media profiles for your blog, and form content strategies with them. You can rely on services such as Studio 56 to be able to give you the assistance on making your content compatible with social media.

    6. Build a blog built for mobile devices

    Today’s digital age means everyone is using an average of two gadgets at any single point in time, which means a lot of your audience members have gone portable and mobile. This also means your blog – most importantly your website – is built with mobile and mobile audiences with mind. Make use of graphics, shorter sentences, and straight to the point conversations. Make sure your blog and website itself can be viewed properly in mobile devices.

    7. Graphics can help boost appeal

    If you want boost your audience’s overall appeal to your blog, it’s best you integrate graphics with the rest of your works. Try to make sure your blog’s photo and digital art selections are fit for your brand’s theme. However, at the same time, make sure your blog’s graphics don’t take too long to load or compromise the overall speed and appearance of your pieces. Find the right balance between graphic and content.

    8. Keep an eye out for your audience

    One of the most important elements of making a successful blog is to make sure you’re always thinking about your target audience. What makes them tick? What part of the industry attracts them the most? What do they need right now? Always keep these questions in mind whenever you decide to make a move about your blog, be it something that involves research or directly creating content. Knowing your audience as early as now also gives you a good estimate to the kind of content you want to make for them, and to gauge your expectations.

    9. Keep an eye out for fellow brands

    Another important element in making a blog that appeals to the audience is to see and observe how other blogs publish their content. Look into blogs or brands that you think interest you the most and observe how they approach their marketing. Try to keep tabs on around 10 of them and observe how they do things, be it they’re an icon, just sharing a space, or a direct competitor.

    The Bottomline: Marketing Your Health The Right Way

    If this article can help elaborate anything, it’s that there’s no absolute “one” way of marketing a blog, especially since marketing success largely depends on how you envision your blog to be. As such, if your intent for your blog is to make sure it gets more traction to your leadership, your way to go for now is to make sure content you release isn’t just versatile, informative, and engaging, but also marketed well outside your blog. To gain more interest is to make sure your posts get exposed, which explains the bulk of the tips above. If you get your “groove” going with a good content calendar and frequent releases, you may get the kind of readership you desire in no time at all.

    Tristan Gray
    Tristan Gray
    Tristan is a digital marketing specialist and the founder of Studio 56. With years of experience in the digital marketing field and business world, Tristan prides himself on delivering high quality marketing services to clients in the Allied Health sector. S56 specialises in partnering with Allied Health practices to boost their overall ROI. He has a loving family and enjoys traveling in his free time.

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