Creative Writing Challenge – AIIMS Infest 2016

After a great success of last year’s event, Zigverve announces its second Infest creative writing competition. If you’re an AIIMS UG and you’ve a flair for writing, here’s your chance to come out and show yourself to the world. fake patek philippe calatrava

The contestants can register online through the registration form given below or through email.



  1. To participate in the competition, you must fill in and submit your entry latest by 6:00 PM, March 18th, 2016. To ensure we’ve received your submission, we’ll be sending out acknowledgements through email each day at 7:00 PM.
  2. If you do not receive the acknowledgement by the given time please check your spam folder, and whitelist our email address: [email protected]. If you don’t find our acknowledgement e-mail, kindly email us or contact through Facebook page [] and we shall respond accordingly.
  3. At Zigverve, we do not believe in limiting extent of one’s capabilities and imaginations by giving individual topics. All the participants shall be given two sets of keywords to choose from, through their registered email. You can run your intellect wild to let decide a topic of choosing by combining one keyword from each set. Thus, make sure you have whitelisted our email address in your email client. You shall receive the topics list by 10:00 PM, March 18th, 2016.
  4. The final article must be sent to us through email by 11:59 PM, March 20th, 2016. Articles submitted after the deadline would not be considered for the competition.
  5. Each participant can choose any number of topics and send any number of articles. More articles you send more chances you have of winning. However, you can only win a single prize based on the article scoring the maximum points.
  6. All submitted articles shall be online by 12 noon of March, 24th. The links shall be sent to you through email. You should start with spreading the word about your article soon after that. The popularity shall be assessed by 8 PM, April 1st.
  7. All submitted articles would be read by our panel of judges meanwhile and the winners, based on our criteria of Social Influence of the article and Judges’ scores combined, would be declared on April 2nd, 2016.

Deciding The Winner


We believe that in this world of competition having an opinion is not enough. The power and will to spread your voice to the public is important too. So, this contest would not only be a judge of your writing expertise but also your social skills.

The winner would be decided on the basis of Judges’ Score and Social Influence combined.

By Social Influence, we mean to assess how popular your article was among the readers. To decide that, the following factors will be considered:

  1. Total number of hits.
  2. Total score based on voting. Each article would have a voting system at the end. Reader can choose from various options to decide how influential your article was. The more they vote, the more score you get.
  3. Facebook and twitter shares & like would also influence your Social Influence score. So, if you want to win, get social! 

What Are The Prizes?


First Prize:      Rs. 1000

Second Prize:  Rs. 750

Third Prize:    Rs. 500

Key Dates


Registration Deadline:           18th March, 2016

Dispatch of Article Topics:     18th March, 2016

Article Submission deadline: 23rd March, 2016

Opportunity for participants to spread the word for their article:

24th March– 1st April, 2016

Declaration of results:            2nd April, 2016

How To Register?


You may either send us an email at [email protected] with your Full Name, Email address, and a line or two about you. Or, you can register through the registration form given below

Official Rules


Relevance of article: Your article must be written with a particular niche and subject in mind. Also you must keep in mind that the subject you choose should fit into one or more categories present at Zigverve.

Introduction of media: Although it may not be necessary, but a post accompanied by images and videos are more helpful to the readers and thus gain more traffic. You may add a self-made video via YouTube, and images either by directly mailing to us, or by uploading at various image sharing websites like,, Remember to check the media copyrights before sending it to us, and inform us of the same.

Credits/acknowledgements: If you’ve referred information from another website or author, do not forget to put a credit note. However, sometimes you may not use a certain content to reproduce in your article even after put a credit note, kindly do not use such content. Do not simply put links to other blog posts as references whose credibility cannot be established. Research publications, posts by established experts in the niche, or expert websites related to the topic are good referral sources.

External links: You are allowed a single external link to your personal links each article. However, if your article needs more than a single external link (relevant to the topic) it would be counted as sponsored post and fee would apply. Remember that too many external links are not only going to dissuade the reader from reading ahead, but also the article would be ranked lower by the Search Engines.

Keywords: It’s a good practice to entrench the article with keywords, but after recent changes in Google’s guidelines about the keywords use, you may want to use them only as necessary. Use the keywords smartly; no overuse, no under-use.

Original content (No Plagiarism): We at Zigverve are strict follower of original content policy. All submitted articles shall be thoroughly scanned for plagiarised contents. The entire content should be original. You may not copy from other sources. Also, you may not submit a post which you’ve used on another blog/website, even if you own it.

So, to summarize:

  1. You must be an AIIMS Undergraduate.
  2. The articles should be your original creation. You’re free to research online, but the final content should be your own. If you use information from a research study or another source, you must provide appropriate source credits/references in your article.
  3. All articles should be checked for Plagiarism and if any article is found to have less than 80% original content shall be barred from the contest.
  4. The article length should be a minimum of 500 words. We understand that there is no limit to thoughts and knowledge, thus, there is no upper word limit.
  5. Contestants are welcome to add self-drawn images/flowcharts to the articles. Copied pictures from internet or other sources are not allowed. If you’d like to use an image from internet make sure you check its copyright, and provide us the appropriate credit and link.
  6. Right to cancel or revoke an entry or judgment related issues shall be address to the admin at our email and Zigverve holds all the right to the final call on such issues.

Registration Form

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