9 Important Tactics For Brands To Improve Your Engagement Rate On TikTok

    The popularity of TikTok is increasing tremendously day by day where its growth has reached heights. For an individual, TikTok becomes an ideal platform to make yourself famous among a large user base. A great place to promote their brand for businesses. Most people think that TikTok is only for producing lip-syncing and funny videos. But now, the game has changed a little bit. You can see plenty of businesses and brands on TikTok promoting their brand and showing their online presence to their target audiences. 

    The goal of most brands on social media marketing is to increase the engagement level. It is a great advantage for brands if your target audiences are young. TikTok becomes the best tool for marketing your product with engaged users. Since TikTok has more than 800 million active users monthly and 20.33 million users daily, it becomes easy to build engagement rates for your business.

    Gaining more engagement for your brand will not be a challenge until you follow the correct tips and tricks. The TikTok algorithm pushes your video to the view of more audiences only if it is engaging. Find the best tips to improve the engagement rate for your business in the below article.

    #1. Know The Audiences Of Your Interest

    When you know the audiences interested in your business, it helps to choose the type of content to engage their audiences on your account. According to a recent report in 2021, 62% of TikTok users in the US are around the age of 18 to 29. TikTok provides you an easy way to do research in finding target audiences. Find the content strategy for your TikTok account to gain more engagement by measuring your target audiences.

    There is an additional option on TikTok to track the audience’s performance. Use the Pro-account on TikTok by converting your regular TikTok account to a business account. Also, notice your competitor’s account because their followers will have an interest in your business because both resemble the same. Get better ideas from them to attract those followers to your account and increase the engagement rate with engaging content.

    #2. Make Your Videos To Display On FYP

    The “For You” page on TikTok is like the news feed on other social media networks. TikTok brings you a lot of trending and new videos on this FYP page. You can access the FYP as soon as you open your TikTok application. The TikTok algorithm displays videos on FYP according to your interest and similar videos you liked before. As a result, the FYP shows videos regarding your interest and preferences. 

    Do you wish to display your videos on FYP? The only thing to perform on your end is to post content regularly with engaging content to involve more audiences. When people engage in your videos, you will automatically receive TikTok views with bags of engagement and improve your ranking. Make high-quality videos on your TikTok account to get featured on FYP easily.

    #3. Be Original To Your Follower

    TikTok users always prefer original and authentic videos rather than scripted one. Usually, people love to watch natural content, and that content creates more engagement among the audiences. Since there is tons of content being uploaded daily on TikTok, it is essential to give attractive content to bring your brand out of the crowd. 

    You all know that TikTok is the largest social media network with many people to improve them personally and professionally. Not everyone on TikTok delivers only lip-syncing videos. They use their creativity to give valuable and unique content to grab the attention of their target audiences. Show the brand personality by providing the originality of your product and proof the business quality with your own style on your content. When your audiences like your content style, they will regularly visit your profile for viewing the next update.

    #4. Show Your Presence With Frequent Post

    The two essential factors to boost your engagement level are your consistency in posting content and determination. It helps to capture your audience’s attention to your brand. When you post regularly, the engagement rate will gradually increase, and the brand reach becomes higher among varieties of audiences. Only your videos with high-resolution will display in front of your target audiences, and will get a chance to view your content.

    Post content at least once or twice to show your online presence to your audiences and build trust among them. When you are present at all times, people will decide to buy your product because they can contact you quickly. Save your time by scheduling your content at the right time to improve the engagement level of your audiences. Create videos on different topics according to your audience’s interest and make them engaging.

    #5. Use The Trending Soundtrack

    Music is the heart of TikTok, and there are thousands of new videos streaming on TikTok daily. You can watch plenty of trending videos and sound clips when you visit the “for you” page. The specialty of FYP is when you like two or more trending videos, you will continuously receive the trending clips on your page streaming on your TikTok

    If you want to increase your engagement rate instantly, make your videos using those popular soundtracks. But concentrate on the content because it must be relevant to your brand and with unique, interesting ideas. Note that the trends will be changing every week. So engage yourself on the “for you” page and be the first on trends to gain audience engagement in a short period. FYP page becomes an easy tool for discovering trending songs and soundtracks.

    #6. Regular Interaction With Audiences

    When the followers count increases, your engagement level automatically gets generated on TikTok. Interact with your audiences to improve website traffic and boost your sales conversion. When the response you give to your audiences is regular, the new followers will automatically come to your page to build a good relationship with them. You can find plenty of opportunities on TikTok to gain followers to your account. If your response is suitable to your audience, they will automatically become your followers.

    Improve your engagement level by replying to your audience’s comments on your content. Bring out a good relationship by interacting with your followers. You can make content in a way that intends audiences to reply to your content. When you give instant replies to comments, believe me, many new audiences will comment on your content. You can also use this opportunity to get suggestions and ideas for your future content and implement it to create trust. These are the very important factors that help to recognize you in your audience’s mind.

    #7. Create And Participate On Challenges

    The excellent marketing strategy on TikTok is to create challenges for your audiences or participate in existing challenges to improve your brand’s popularity. Get great exposure by conducting interesting content for challenges. The FYP helps to find the popular challenges by different companies or persons related to your niche. The followers count increases if your challenge looks exciting and engaging.

    When you participate in any existing challenge, avoid copying the exact content in that video. Instead, use your creativity and unique skill and make the challenge different, attracting audiences to your page. If you plan to publish your own challenge, use some tricks to grab your follower’s attention. First, think of a new concept relating to the recent trends and then ensure whether it is entertaining. The most important factor that lets many people see your content is your hashtag. Select the correct one to increase participation. Encourage your followers to participate in challenges to increase engagement.

    #8. Promote Your Videos

    When you cross-promote your TikTok video, it provides a way to bring popularity to your brand and increases your account visibility in a wide range. Since social media platforms are vast, promote your videos on all social networks to make them popular among all your audiences. Open an account on all social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and gather audiences over there with your activities. Then promote your TikTok videos on those platforms to make them famous.

    When more people visit your profile, the engagement rate increases automatically, and the TikTok algorithm pushes your video to the FYP. Your TikTok account will be visible to audiences who already have an interest in your brand. Not all your followers on other social media follow you on TikTok. So it is the best way to gather followers and improve your visibility. Instead of completing them to follow you, approach them with your exciting and funny content.

    #9. Try Out Duet Feature

    The duet feature is the most popular feature that gives an effective result at the end. It helps to reach your TikTok profile to heights and brings you an opportunity to get loyal followers. The duet feature is nothing, but you can connect with another TikTok follower directly and perform videos together. When the performance looks better, you can attract more audiences to your page. The follower count will increase because the followers of your partner also will view your video.

    During your first duet video, choose the person with the followers’ count equal to yours because you will gain followers. Choose the person having the same target audiences to attract them easily. Once you get a certain count of followers, you can partner with a famous personality to improve your brand’s reach to millions of people. Duet features help you to get a massive reach for your brand and increase the engagement rate with the audience’s interaction.

    Wrapping Up

    TikTok is always a growing platform among social media networks. With your effort and hard work, you can gather audiences for your business and grow your brand. Provide engaging and high-quality videos to get success quickly. I hope the above article helps you to increase your engagement rate at a greater level. Enjoy using TikTok and get tremendous growth in your business!

    Anne Joseph
    Anne Joseph
    Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers.

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