Discover countless career opportunities after BA in 2021

    Bachelor of art (BA) is one of the most varied professional qualifications that dates back many years, popularly known as a degree that comes along with a rewarding career.

    Keep reading to find out some of the wide arrays of employment options that qualifying with a Bachelor of Arts degree can help you land and why you should be more aware of BA admission 2021.


    Completing a Bachelor of Arts degree provides you with the right skills required to consider a career in journalism or joining the online media where you can contractor taking up scriptwriting are exploring other areas including medicine, lifestyle, or politics working as a technical writer.

    Creative content creation

    Almost every company on the face of the planet wants to develop an online presence for the expansion of its brand, which requires talented content creators and marketing specialists, who can deliver a project from start to finish and turn out exciting content related to a variety of sectors and fields.

    Survey researcher

    If you have a knack for research and statistics then you can make a living out of primarily investigating the global population’s attitudes, behaviour, usage patterns, and other aspects of specific services and products on behalf of polling organisations or educational institutions.


    Different industries look for experts who are full of reasoning and logic and thrives best on expressiveness and creativity, offering such candidates all thoughts of options to refine their talents, as well as deep in their interest and abilities, with employment options open at art galleries and theatres.

    Government officer

    Completing a BA degree comes with a lot of privileges that also include contributing towards your own country and working as part of the inside system, with excellent medical benefits and a steady position, whether you choose to walk in the administration or defense department.

    Graphic designer

    Choosing video editing as an employment right after your graduation can let you be part of the entertainment or the corporate sectors where you get to showcase your talent in visual storytelling and generating thought-provoking images using various software applications.

    Digital marketing

    Today’s digitised world has called for the development of a significant amount of data in promoting concerning products and services, calling for exports in the field of search engine marketing [SEM], marketing analytics, search engine optimisation [SEO] and content marketing deleverage different online platforms, to gain more customers and expand the brand.


    This industry calls for graduates who are creative, exceptional at building relationships, good communicators, and hardworking, who are excited about presenting a product to a consumer base.

    Business analyst

    As an expert in business analytics, you are expected to be proficient at using cutting edge technology the solve problems pertaining to the modern generation corporate structure and develop practical solutions.

    To know more about the BA specialisations available at our university and the disciplines you require to major in to pursue a career path that you’re passionate about, visit our website today!

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