Will it be beneficial to choose an interior styling course?

    What is Interior Styling?

    Interior styling is the art of beautifying the spaces by dressing them using furnishings, textures, colours, finishes, lighting, and accessories etc. The objective is to make the interiors look great, feel fresh, trendy, beautiful yet livable, and functional without any structural alterations. The house is styled as per the homeowner’s taste and represents his personality.

    Interior stylists work across a variety of projects that not only include residential interiors but commercial projects such as restaurants, hotels etc. as well. In addition, Interior stylists also style not only events but also displays for homeware retailers, interior photoshoots etc.

    Skills required:

    • Creative visualization skills
    • Capability to draw and present innovative creative concepts.
    • Colour, texture, and design sense
    • Analytical mind and thirst for knowledge to stay up to date with ensuing trends
    • Communication & networking skills to manage relationships with clients and other stakeholders
    • Good networking skills to manage various stakeholders as well as for business development
    • Problem-solving approach without getting perturbed
    • Comfortable with use of technology
    • Organized with time management skills
    • Multi-tasking abilities
    • Skills with attention to details
    • Quick decision-making capability
    • Passionate

    Industry Outlook:

    • In 2020, the interior design market in India was worth USD 23.2 Billion
    • By 2027, the interior design market in India is expected to reach USD 38.2 Billion, at a CAGR of 7.4%. 

    Opportunities that exist post completion of Interior styling course:

    • Home Stylist
    •  Interior Decorators
    • Interior Designer
    • Stylists with Furnishing Industry
    • Stylist with Interior firms
    • Visual Merchandiser
    • Freelance Interior Designer/ Stylist
    • Sourcing Managers (Vendor Development)-interior and furnishing firms
    • Designs Consultants (Magazines, Events, Hotels)
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Styling for a photography shoot

    Interior styling course

    With such vast opportunities, it’s no wonder that many colleges are offering certification in courses like “Styling for Interiors”. Students must deliberate on the following in order to select the right course:

    • The curriculum must put equal emphasis on domestic as well as international markets.
    • Comprehensive knowledge must not be limited to Interior styling only. Competencies must also be developed in material sourcing, use of different kinds of materials including sustainable and environment-friendly, latest tools and software, budgeting, understanding of latest trends, client briefs and requirements, communication and presentation skills, etc.
    • The course must offer knowledge about styling not only home/residential areas but also styling in the commercial sector including offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other service industry, etc. In addition, styling in the entertainment sector along with visual merchandising must also form a part of the curriculum.
    • Students must be motivated to not only come up with innovative concepts but also research for alternative sustainable green solutions that facilitates larger social impact
    • Students must be offered exposure through live projects, participation in various competitions, industry visits as well as mentoring by industry experts.
    • Students must be inspired to make an effective and strong portfolio

    So what are you waiting for? Plot your success by registering for the Interior styling course without mulling.

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