How to become a commercial loan broker?

    If loan brokering is something that interests you, you are most likely somebody who has already been doing this work for your friends and family without really realizing that this is what you are into. When the realization has dawned on you or when the interest has piqued, you have realized that this is something you may want to do professionally or commercially.

    A broker is a person who negotiates a deal between the party that can arrange for it and the party that needs it. Seeing this definition, a loan broker is somebody who negotiates or finalizes a loan between a lending party (generally a bank or a lender) and the party who needs the money (who is a loanee).

    A commercial loan broker is someone who does the brokerage work for loans between banks and persons with the legal backing of a license to do so. They work mostly on a commission model wherein the bank, the loanee, or both tend to pay a percentage or a fixed commission to the broker for finalizing the deal for them.

    This said, being a commercial broker is not an extremely easy task. There are a few considerations that you must keep in mind, and there are many factors you must look at before finalizing. Becoming a commercial loan broker, while it is a single long process, you must understand the ways in which you can become a commercial loan broker are. With that in mind, here are the five easiest ways to become a successful commercial loan broker.

    1. Learn the details

    As mentioned earlier, you might have already had an interest in this kind of work and might also be aware of certain details regarding it. However, this would not be enough to become a commercial loan broker, especially a successful one. Knowing the intricacies of the work and the literature that goes behind, it is extremely important in being successful in any stream. Loan brokerage is no exception to this rule.

    To be a successful commercial loan broker, you must know everything there is about the economic ecosystem, especially the one revolving around banks. You must also be well aware of the loan rates, the ways in which loans are given, and how both parties benefit or may lose in the whole deal. These are queries that you will have to likely answer your clients from both sides when you start the brokerage process.

    You must also take the time to know the details of the local brokerage market around you and understand whether or not there is a need that exists for you to be successful in this environment.

    2. Kind of broker

    At this point, you know that there is not one single type of loan brokers that are out there in the market. Multiple types exist, ranging from whether they’re dealing with banks or individuals as lenders, do they change the commission on a percentage basis or a fixed amount, and at what level they broker.

    You cannot go ahead in any process of becoming a commercial loan broker unless you have absolute clarity in terms of what kind of loan broker you are looking to be. This is important as only after the decision is made can you start to work towards making yourself a successful broker. The process is not only impractical but also fairly impossible to do unless you have clarity. You cannot spread yourself too thin to become all kinds of broker, and therefore you must find your specialty and stick to it.

    3. License

    Most markets and practice areas will not let you be a commercial loan broker without getting the right licenses. This documentation is not just needed but also crucial, and you cannot function without it. Before you look to become a commercial loan broker, let alone a successful one, you need to know what the license is, how it is obtained, and where you can get one.

    You also need to understand if, in your particular market or area, there are certain prerequisites required before a license is issued to you.  You may need some background verification or recommendations before you are granted a license. Make sure that you have all your documents and documentation ready when you go to apply for a license since repeating this process is only reworking and a waste of time. A licensed broker is someone who is looked up to and trusted by all players in the market. It is for this reason that getting a license is one of the first steps towards actually taking any action in being a commercial loan broker.

    4. Network

    In fields such as this, where trust is an inherent factor in any deal, your network of persons, banks, lenders, all other parties are going to be one of the crucial factors which decide whether or not you will be a commercial loan broker and a successful one.

    Building your networks personally and professionally through professional channels is extremely important as you need to understand that there are no forums on which you can advertise yourself as a commercial loan broker where your trust can be built inherently through the forum. This means that until you become extremely popular, it will be the network of your network that converts into your clientele for you.

    Having your network recommend you as a loan broker if they have taken your help in the past, even if you are new to the game, can make the difference between being recognized in the market and being lost amongst the crowd. Make sure your network is reliable and has your back when needed.

    5. Experience

    All else said and done; it is your experience as a loan broker and as a commercial one that will make you stand out and be successful. There is no replacement for the lessons and nuances that are learned through actually doing the work. If you are good at your job and build on the points mentioned here, your experience will help you be more recognized, looked up to, and consulted by better and better clients and deals.

    All in all, if you have what it takes to be one; consider the tips mentioned above to become a successful commercial loan broker.

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