When Mrs Sharma decides to get a job: D.A.T.E. – Short Film Review

    Director: Sai Deodhar Anand

    Actors: Shakti Anand, Shama Deshpande

    Release date: 12th, May 2019

    “Age is just a number.” I am sure you’ve heard it over and over again. D.A.T.E. is a short but sweet movie about Mrs Sharma, an elderly woman, who is appearing for her first job interview. She’s anxious, muddled as she waits for her turn.

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    A woman, particularly in India, sacrifices a lot in order to take care of her family. Many of them have to leave their well-settled jobs, while some of them never even get a chance to take a job. Mrs Sharma is amongst the latter who never got a chance to take up a job as revealed during the interview. The character of Mrs Sharma is played by Shama Deshpande, a versatile actress known for movies like Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Baaghi, Maseeha amongst many others.

    Though the entire movie is a lively, cheerful one, from underneath it uncovers such a strong social message about what a woman has to face to run her family. The life of a woman isn’t easy, in fact, the management skills required to run a house is equivalent to those required for any other job. Shakti Anand, who plays the interviewer, fits naturally in his role as a charming boss. The expressions on his face when he realized who he is interviewing are priceless. It’s obvious when you’re interviewing young candidates and all of a sudden someone unexpected appears before you, you’d be surprised. As he recovers from the shock, he tries to explain in a very accommodative manner to Mrs Sharma that she might not be a suitable candidate for the job as it will require tremendous hard work, stress and deadlines. I love it, how Mrs Sharma comes back and relates these deadlines with the life of a common woman. How she has always taken care of those deadlines while running her family and taking care of her children. In the end, the experience as a homemaker helps her land a job as an intern with a basic salary.

    Although the entire film is only 12 minutes 42 seconds, it’s full of drama, humour, emotions and surprise. Oh, yes! The ending comes with a beautiful surprise.

    Shama Deshpande and Shakti Anand are both experienced actors and have certainly done a tremendous job in the movie. Their acting completely matches their character profile. Same goes for the direction of Sai Deodhar Anand who has done such a fantastic job in weaving a beautiful little story into a short film.

    Having released on Mother’s Day, this movie teaches us the importance of a mother in our lives. The sacrifices she makes, the hardship she endures just so we can always reach school on time and submit out school projects before deadlines. Without our mothers, our lives would be way difficult and boring and… incomplete.

    I would recommend this beautiful movie to everyone, especially those who love their mothers.

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