DIY Tips and tricks on how to fix small damages in your household

    A chip on the garden set chair, paint peeling off the windows and a squeaking doorstep are all considered minor household problems. However, they can become quite annoying at time (especially the squeaking), so just have to something about them. In most cases, you will be able to perform a DIY fix but more complex issues require you to involve experts who will make sure that each repair is 100% safe before all and executed correctly. Basically, do DIY repairs only with stuff you have had experience with, such as repainting the window frame, but refrain from disassembling electrical appliances. Having stated this important precaution, here are X tips and tricks on how to fix small damages inside your household.

    The silence of the cabinet doors

    making home repairsOne of the most annoying sounds in the kitchen is the slamming of cabinet doors. No matter how well-made they are, wood changes shape over time, shifting the inside of the door a millimeter on either side, creating a single point of impact. The sound of wood hitting against wood or metal is not a quiet one, so it is time to muffle it. Peel-and-stick bumpers for doors and drawers can be found in any DIY home center. Choose the one that matches the color of your kitchen cabinets, so you won’t even notice nor hear them, if you understand what we mean. Just don’t forget to clean the surface before applying bumpers.

    A sofa doesn’t have to be stained, you know

    Sofa cleaning

    Most homeowners believe that spilling a liquid, such as juice or beer onto the sofa means that its upholstery is gone forever. Well, there is no reason to live a stained couch because there are DIY methods to clean all upholstery. Sprinkling plain baking soda onto the problem area helps remove the stain and the smell that comes with it. Once you apply the soda, wait some 20 minutes and then vacuum up what is left over. The baking soda will soak in the liquid, significantly decreasing the staining and completely removing the stench.

    It’s all caulk, fun, and games

    Good-quality caulk and the gun that goes with it should not cost over 5 dollars but the damage they prevent can sometimes measure in hundreds of dollars. Water damage is the worst enemy of your home but once you arm yourself with a caulk gun, mold and mildew will be the only fatalities. Basically, like all the edges in the bathroom using a well-placed layer of caulk to impregnate all the surfaces. The most usual color of caulk is white but you can also find transparent caulk for visual appeal. Like with the application of any other chemical, make sure the bathroom is well-aired and remove any excess caulk from your hands using water.

    Tools of the trade

    Tools for home maintenance

    Now, a caulk gun is not a big investment but you might need to buy different tools for other, more complex fixes. Essentially, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a wrench should be the basic tools you need to have, with adding different ones depending on the job. By purchasing tools from job to job, you are saving money on tools you don’t need. Another neat method is to borrow devices such as power tools from friends and family. Finally, owning craft trolleys will assure that all tools are kept in the same place so you don’t lose them. What is more, the toolbox becomes mobile, ready to move to the part of the house you are currently working in.

    Ever heard of DDIY?

    As we have mentioned earlier, there are certain repairs which are definitely not DIY jobs. These DDIY (don’t do it yourself) are fixes that involve meddling with power, gas or water. Essentially, unless you’re a licensed electrician, you shouldn’t even replace the power outlet on your own. Changing a burned-out light bulb should really be the apex of your interaction with live electricity circuit inside your home. The same rules apply to gas installations, as you should call the gas company if you notice a rupture in the piping and sense the smell of the natural additive that is added to the gas. Playing caulk should not come as a substitute for a leak in one of the major water pipes, as these should be taken care of by the local waterworks firm.

    Jesus too was a carpenter

    If the Bible teaches us anything, it is that everyone can become a carpenter. Like with kitchen cabinets, there is no reason to tolerate a broken drawer that became loose at its joints. In order to prevent it from falling apart, remove it from the drawer box, remove the old nails, screws or staples and put a fresh layer of wood glue. Of course, you should scrape away any remaining dried-out glue with a kitchen knife before applying a fresh coat of glue. After the drawer is fixed, apply pressure for a couple of minutes before the glue dries and then leave the drawer in the open for the smell of chemicals to evaporate.

    The trick to successful DIY home repairs is estimating what problems you can solve on your own and which household issues require professional assistance. For the repairs you do decide to carry out yourself, be sure that you are properly equipped and that you stay safe.

    Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith
    Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.

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