10 Expert tips – How to plan and decorate your bathroom

    Indulge yourself in these ten tips which are popular among the common households who have successfully implemented and transferred their bathroom into a style statement.

    1. Illuminate your bathroom with sensible choices of lighting

    To get a scintillating experience as soon as you step into any bathroom, the first thing to consider is the perfect lighting. To enhance the beauty of your bathtub, showering area and also the mirror above the basins gives an elegant look in a subtle way. For instance, consider light beading around your vanity mirror or consider three-way lighting which can be adjusted according to the mood and the individual requirement like dimming the light or brightening it up. PIR sensor is becoming more popular in terms of its usability and current consumption. It automatically detects the presence when someone steps in and it automatically switch on the light and off’s it automatically when they step out.

    2. Recessed storage for small bathrooms




    Bathroom Improvement

    Always have the vanity unit or the storage unit suspended from the floor than placing it on the floor which otherwise consumes a lot of space. This is especially useful for a small bathroom or cloakrooms where space is a constraint. Whenever you have a higher wall area, use it wisely in a functional way. In this case for a small luxury bathrooms, consider recessed wall storage and cover it up with a sliding golden or copper toned glass door which can be utilized as your bathroom mirror as well as a cabinet door.

    3. Bath Tub

    Bathroom Decor

    The bath tubs have seen a tremendous transformation in terms of design and usability. Vintage model roll-up standalone Bath tub can be seen widely in designer bathroom suites. Experts give additional tip to place a wooden bath tub tray across the tub to add more functionality to your bathtub. You can place your favourite drink or lit aroma candles while soaking in the luxurious bath.

    4. Wash Basin


    Bathroom decor with twin wash basin

    If you have more space, then dual wash basin one for him and other for her is a perfect choice to give a royal addition to any larger bathroom space. It can be noticed in malls and commercial premium suites where space is not a constraint. Double Basin gives double the storage area as well as double the elegant look of your bathroom. Also, for small bathroom they are wall mount basin with numerous designs to choose from which saves space.

    5. Concealed Cistern

    Bathroom Decor

    Mounting your cistern inside your wall requires special plumbing techniques. However, once installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, these concealed cisterns provide an alluring effect to a chic contemporary bathroom makeover. Also, it comes with anti-bacterial automatic flush system which offers hygiene and safety as first priority in addition to its aesthetic designs.

    6. Showering Cubicle


    Transform your single large head traditional showering area into a state-of-the-art showering space by investing in the right showering accessories. Right from rainwater showerheads to a multiple water inlets mounted along the wall gives a therapeutic as well as refreshing bath for anyone.

    7. Colourful Tiles

    Invest in a colourful tiles which adds a gorgeous look to your otherwise monotonous standard floor colour. To spice it up, choose contrast tile colour that gives a versatile design to your bathroom. For white or light shaded bathroom décor, go in for a bright blue floors.

    8. Mirroring Your Wall

    Don’t restrict the mirroring only to your Basin area. Try an innovative idea of introducing them to the ceiling – to the floor length mirror which gives an illusion of bigger room and also brightens the room by light reflecting over it. Or go in for a fully glass slide door for luxury cloakroom suites where space is a constraint. You don’t want to take more space while opening or closing a traditional door in an already cramped small bathroom space.

    9. Cosy Rug

    A Solid mat or rug is essential for any bathroom, or get one that makes you feel comfortable the minute you venture out of the shower. Choose a cosy cashmere rug at the center of your large bathroom which helps to keep it dry and maintains to keep your feet warm in cold winter days. Choose from variety of patterns and colours which complement well with your other bathroom decors.

    10. Shutter Windows

    Try to install your bathtub near a window, allowing natural light to enter to your bathing area without compromising your privacy and instead of a traditional blinds opt for a shuttered window to create a modern yet tranquil atmosphere.

    Abhiti Soma
    Abhiti Soma
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