Here’s How Women Should Zero in on the Right Health Insurance Policy

    Women are walking at par with men in every aspect. But they still lack in one area of their lives, and that is taking care of their health or even having a backup plan for it. According to reports, only 13 percent of married working women in India take responsibility for their investment options and only 30 percent of them are health and life insurance policyholders in India.

    Women, in particular, face a number of challenges when they have to purchase a health insurance policy. The reason being that they are more in need of medical services than men due to factors like longer life expectancies, reproductive care, and a higher risk of chronic illnesses. All these factors show that women need health insurance more than anyone else.

    But, how can a woman choose which health policy is best suited for her as per her needs? Though the task can be confusing, with so many policies doing the rounds of the market, it is definitely not an impossible one. Here are some factors that women need to keep in mind when opting for a health insurance policy.

    1. Your Health Concerns Should Drive Your Insurance Decisions

    As a known fact, the modern woman’s responsibility is not only limited to household chores anymore. Their busy schedules leave them with little time to focus on their health and fitness, thus making them equally prone to critical illnesses like cancer and heart diseases.

    Thus, it makes it highly important for women to choose a health policy that covers them against these illnesses. Don’t be content just because a policy says that it covers over 37 critical illnesses. Read between the lines and ask to elaborate on the illnesses covered until you are satisfied that it’s just what you need.

    2. Choose a Policy that Covers Maternity Costs

    Maternity costs before and after childbirth can be an expensive affair these days owing to the rise of health complications and infertility issues in women. Most health insurance policies ensure to provide maternity insurance as an add-on with the main health insurance policy so that it lessens the burden on the insurers pocket. The benefit of this type of insurance is that it covers childbirth expenses- cesarean or normal delivery.

    Additionally, it also takes care of pre and post-hospitalisation costs for up to 30 days prior to the date of admission. Some of these plans also include the health and well-being of your infant for up to a certain age. Hence, it is important for women to have a good understanding of factors that are included or excluded in maternity insurance so that they can make sound financial decisions and ensure optimum utilisation of the insurance plan.

    3. Waiting Period

    Most health insurances for women have a waiting period of 2-4 years before a claim can be made. In case of maternity coverage or pre-existing illnesses, this is not a reasonable option. So, women must carefully choose a plan that has a lower waiting period and prove to be beneficial towards them.

    4. Check for Value Added Services

    Ensure to pick out a health plan that also covers preventative care benefits for women. These value-added services guarantee that you get your medical checkups done before you get pregnant, during pregnancy, and at other stages of your life, while you are covered under the policy.

    The points discussed above, if taken care of, when taking health insurance will ensure that women get covered for what is most important to them. Choosing a health plan wisely to take care of your well-being can sail you smoothly through all phases of life. So, choose well and live worry-free.

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