Best benefits of guaranteed rent scheme for landlords

    The guaranteed rent scheme is a blessing for the landlords and property owners, who want to rent their property and at the same time, want to avoid every hassle that comes complimentary. Every landlord wants to avoid late rent payments and unreliable tenants and that too without having to maintain the property. Getting a guaranteed rent scheme is a better move for the landlords and property owners because along with that, they get tenant referencing done by professionals.

    Let’s take a glance at the best benefits of guaranteed rent scheme that no landlord can ignore.

    1. Guarantee your rent

    No matter what the size or location of your property is, you will get monthly rent for sure and that too in a timely manner. The scheme has nothing to do with your property, whether it is rented or vacant; or your tenants, if they are paying rent or not. You will receive monthly payments without any delays, hence, reducing your financial stress.

    2. Faster payments

    After you sign up for the guaranteed rent scheme, you may receive your first payment in as minimum as 24 hours. You won’t even have to wait for the tenants to come and reside in your property. With the scheme, you will get the monthly rent for the duration of the contract. Earning rental income would be as early as you join the scheme.

    3. No property management

    Reliable companies keep their procedure transparent in all dealings. You won’t see any hidden extras like setup fee or tenant placement fee. It is obvious to say that with a guaranteed rent scheme in your hands, you will be able to save a lot of money. It is not less than a win-win situation for the landlords.

    4. Rent

    Most of the service providers have a team of proficient professionals, who work hard to achieve the highest rate of rent for the client’s property. It is obvious to say that these companies’ fee is dependent on the rent of your property. So, they work hard on achieving the highest rent for your property.

    5. No dealings with the tenants

    Having guaranteed rent scheme clearly means that you won’t have to deal with the tenants at any cost and the company will take care of all the viewings. You won’t have to spend your time carrying out tricky reference checks. The company will take care of the leasing and guarantee rent throughout the leasing process.

    6. No voids or empty periods

    No matter if your property is vacant or occupied, you will receive guaranteed rent without any delay. You don’t even have to worry about the voids or empty periods because you will still receive the monthly rent. It is the best way of securing your monthly income.

    7. Timely rent payment

    If you want to get timely rent payments, the guaranteed rent scheme is what can help you. These companies pay monthly rent on the same day each month into your chosen bank account. This will help you in working out on your monthly budgets and other payments on time. The scheme won’t ever let landlords face any kind of financial obligations again.

    8. Regular inspections

    It is very important to keep your rental property in a proper condition. The companies that provide guaranteed rent scheme often carry out regular inspections on all the properties they manage. They also check if the tenants are abiding by the tenancy agreement or not and if they are taking care of your property or not.

    9. Property returned in the original condition

    Getting the guaranteed rent scheme means you are hiring a company that will make sure that the best tenants reside in your rental property. They also ensure that when the tenants leave your property, it is in its original condition. If anything is damaged in some or the other way, they will ensure that it is fixed or replaced.

    10. No property taxes

    Most of the companies that offer guaranteed rent scheme aim at making the whole process easier for the landlords and homeowners. They take full responsibility for the utility bills and property tax. They also take care if the payments are done regularly or timely. They try to make earning income from your rental property.

    There is no denying the fact that guaranteed rent scheme is beneficial for the landlords and property owners. You must consider all these things if you are going to get a guaranteed rent scheme by a renowned company. You must always get in touch with a professional and look through the contract closely to be clear about the offerings.

    Smith Hall
    Smith Hall
    Smith Hall is the passionate blogger of the leading brand Guaranteed Rental. It offers the best guaranteed rental services and property management services for landlords in London.

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