5 Vacation Destinations that Support a Healthy Lifestyle

    “Calories don’t count on a vacation” is a sentence many live by. Many people look forward to their travels and breaks because they want indulgence, being lazy for a week or so, and just taking a break from their regular routines which involve exercise and healthy meal choices. But not all trips and vacations have to result in a change when you step onto a scale. Being healthy has been becoming more of a norm all year round – not just when at home. That’s why some resorts offer an alternative approach: you won’t eat “all you can eat” there, but become a healthier version of yourself – yes, on a vacation! Imagine leaving feeling healthier than you before you arrived – it’s possible, and it doesn’t mean you will be fasting. Here are some of the wellness destinations offering total bliss, and not at the expense of your health and fitness, nor your fun.

    Paso Robles, California, USA

    Paso Robles, California, USA

    Vineyards in California have a worldwide reputation, but not exactly for a wellness retreat. Well, that’s too bad, because this area does offer everything you need to recharge your batteries – and only recently have been people becoming aware of it and building resorts. Apart from the obvious – wine, which is often skipped in these kinds of resorts – California offers healthy food options, fitness activities and peace and quiet. Add some spa treatments in the resorts, and you’re bound to enjoy relaxing vacation and mindful moments just hours away from Los Angeles.

    Bangalore, India

    Of course, it’s hard to talk about wellness retreats without mentioning yoga. For some, it’s a hip way to find themselves; for others, it’s a practice they’ve been enjoying it for years, and reaping its benefits. Many retreats in India are aimed at foreigners, but it does not take away their genuineness: the centrepiece is the yoga program itself, with daily yoga and meditation sessions, vegetarian diet, no alcohol policy, and chanting classes. The teachers are predominantly local, and the environment can be luxurious if you feel like it (and have the means), or more modest if that’s your cup of tea to explore India. Whatever you chose, be certain you will learn to apply the yoga philosophy in daily life.

    Bali, Indonesia

    Bali, Indonesia

    Bali is probably a must-visit for all of those who would like to add a dash of health and purpose to their exotic vacation. Or to go to a healthy vacation in the first place, but do not want to compromise pretty views and landscapes. Bali is full of resorts and companies that offer vacations that will spoil you and make it even more difficult to go home than usual. Apart from the regular beach activities, surfing included, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy delicious and healthy meals, spa sessions, massages, and socializing and activities with other like-minded people – if you want to. If you’d prefer just hanging out by yourself, think about renting a beachfront villa as your Bali accommodation option and having the quiet time of your life.

    Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada

    Canada is not the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of a health resort – but the country is so vast and diverse that it’s no wonder popular types of vacations have come here as well. Grand Bend, the beach town at Lake Huron, will spoil you with one of the best sunsets in the world; and then you’ll be in for a fitness vacation, a weekend or a week-long experience packed with fitness activities, from yoga and stretching through Zumba to a boot camp class. Of course, nutrition is important as well, so you’ll find whole food meals served buffet-style. Just be wary of your portions – don’t overindulge, but please do feed that body going through the whole day of exercise!

    Nosara, Costa Rica

    5 Vacation Destinations that Support a Healthy Lifestyle 3

    Another excellent choice for those who enjoy active vacations is Nosara in Costa Rica – according to National Geographic, one of the top 20 surfing spots in the world. Not only will you be able to enjoy this magnificent place for surfing, but it’s also possible to do a whole surf retreat, and that away from the touristy town of Tamarindo. This will be especially valuable to those who appreciate peace and quiet. When you’re tired of surfing, if that can ever happen, you can venture into the nearby jungle for some zip lining, or just walk along the coast and enjoy the waves. Active and relaxing at once – that’s Nosara, for sure.

    It’s time to start thinking about your next vacation already. So why not opt for a place that will not cultivate your laziness, but instead prompt you to do something good for yourself? Get to one of these places, and you’ll feel better, look younger, and maybe even live longer – who knows?

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