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    To begin with …

    A billion people in the nation, a few thousand nutritionists, and a few hundred brands that rule the market. With all these at our disposal, it has been a circus to find the right kind of nutrition for ourselves. Health is one topic that boggles people’s minds and creates a huge hole in their pockets!

    This was not the case of India for thousands of years of its grand history. For a nation that has the highest population of youth, the nutrition levels in the society are quite disappointing. Lack of education, nutrition and the loss of age-old healthy food habits have clearly created a huge void in the nutritional quotient of the country. Every Indian home knew what kind of food and lifestyle is best suitable for them and followed it with utmost sincerity. After the country saw poverty for more than two centuries, the intrinsic knowledge of the cultures with regards to food habits was completely lost.

    Where are we now?

    Today’s India is seeing a malnourished humanity – especially in the rural masses. According to an ASSOCHAM and EY report in 2017, India has the highest number of malnourished children. “About 37 percent of our under-five children are underweight, 39 percent are stunted (low height-for-age), 21 percent are wasted (low weight-for-height) and 8 percent are severely acutely malnourished,” said the study. While the percentage of stunted children under five reduced from 48% in 2005-06 to 39% in 2015-16, the percentage of children who are wasted increased slightly from 19.8% to 21%, according to the report.

    So what am I really getting to?

    This remained a huge concern for the folks at Supply6 now and that’s how we began to look for solutions. After a lot of studies, we were able to formulate something absolutely game-changing. We at Supply6 are committed to the idea of “The Science Of Giving”, which is the soul of everything else we are doing right now. It is a notion that runs in the bloodlines of the company, which entails a state of conscientiousness, whereby people are driven to solve a particular problem or volunteer to help someone. Hence, each product sold by the company promises to provide for a meal to malnourished children.

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    Time to unleash the Supplies

    Among all the products created at Supply6, the Performance Blend is the flagship product of the company. Made from imported whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, the Performance Blend is a high-quality product.

    The whey proteins have been extracted in the un-denatured form using cross-flow microfiltration technology and agglomerated with soy lecithin, using state-of-the-art filtration technology. Inulin is added to the performance blend as a soluble fiber. These soluble fibers are very important for our stomach because they boost the probiotics in our gut and aid in digestion. The Performance Blend is fortified with Vitamin B – complex, which is required for our body. This Vitamin B – complex, also, aids in the metabolism of protein.

    The dedicated team at Supply6 intends to provide the highest quality of nutrition to one and all, and this includes the Teen Blend too. Keeping the focus on fitness right at the early stages of life is a must in today’s social situations and the teens aren’t exposed to a lot of safe nutritional products. We intend to fill in the gap by making life easier not just for the teens, but also the parents. This is not just to keep the kids fit, but it’s a huge responsibility of ensuring that people of the next generation in this country are not a crippled population, but they are a much more enabled population.

    Nutrition of the future

    The nutrition of today is not about eating three times in the day, although more than 30% of the population in the country doesn’t eat three meals a day. It’s about education, and about creating a new kind of lifestyle that takes care of overall well-being. It is about reminding ourselves about the nutrition methods of the past and to revive it for the future.

    Now, why do we have to stress this aspect so much? It is because the human beings of today are spending time on their surroundings rather than themselves, more on their careers than on their hearts, more on their cars than their feet, more on their phones than their own wellbeing. This is a shift that has to happen, that people should start thinking more about their personal well being than social wellbeing. Once this happens, they can deal with outside situations effortlessly and glide through life in an easy manner!

    It’s time to take charge of your physical and mental well-being. Let’s take a step together!

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