What you must know if you are opting for a beard transplant

    A man is known by his masculine features. A strong well-defined physique and a well-endowed beard are some of them. Every man desires to have a lavish beard but some men are not so lucky. Some unlucky few have to bear with a beard that scarcely grows beyond a few centimeters. People with less hair on the scalp can opt for a hair transplant, but is there anything like it for the people with less beard growth? Yes, you will be relieved to know that there is something called beard hair transplant. So the men with a scarce beard need not put with disappointment.

    Causes of a scanty beard

    1. Genetics

    Many men experience a scarce growth of beard. But the reasons sometimes lie in the genetic factors. We can inherit a lot of characteristics from our parents. This might as well include the pattern of beard growth also. If your father didn’t have a lavish beard, chances are that you will also have to put up with one.

    2. Hormonal activity

    Sometimes, the hormones play spoilsport and their malfunctioning results in poor growth of beard. Testosterone and DHT (a derivative of testosterone ) should be secreted in sufficient amounts so that you have a desirable growth in your facial area.

    3. Alopecia areata

    It is a disease in which the immune system starts attacking the hair follicles as it mistakes them for a foreign entity. The result is decreasing hair growth. The condition affects the hair growth on the whole body and reflects on your beard too.

    4. Faulty lifestyle

    We often adopt an unhealthy lifestyle and it shows up in the form of poor hair growth. It is always a good practice to follow a routine which includes enough sleep, daily exercise, right kind of diet and freedom from stress. A healthy lifestyle will show on your beard growth as well.

    The genetic factor may not be in your hand but you can definitely help the things out by adopting a healthy lifestyle, which might help in restoring your hormone imbalance as well.

    Why opt for a beard transplant?

    If you are embarrassed about the way your beard looks, then it is time to consider a beard transplant. You have all the reason to get it done. You might be losing out on self-confidence for one. The other reason is that you will appear more appealing to the opposite sex. It’s a well-known fact that women prefer men who are masculine and have a good amount of hair on their body. Men with a lavish beard are bound to attract more women than the ones without one. Other reasons have to do with the technical nuances of a beard transplant so here we go:

    1. Boost your confidence

    A man sure of his looks is the one who exudes confidence. Be the one among the confident ones. Opt for a transplant and reap the benefits of oozing confidence.

    2. Be attractive to the women

    A man with a hairy growth on the face is often the cynosure of women ‘s eyes. Go that extra mile to win your lady love.

    3. The process is the least painful

    Beard transplant is the least painful type of transplant you will know of. The reason is that the incisions required are very small. The pain factor is thus greatly reduced.

    4. Beards and strength are closely associated

    The beard and the strength quotient of the man are closely associated. A man with great beard growth will be perceived as a stronger entity.

    5. Shave and style like a normal man

    It is possible to shave and style your beards after you have had a transplant.

    6. Less recovery time

    The recovery time for a beard transplant is competitively less. You might experience little swelling and redness after the procedure but it soon fades away with time.


    But there are two sides to a coin. Similarly, we will throw some light on the negative aspects of the transplant-

    1. It’s true that it can burn a hole in your pocket. The transplant is available at very high rates. It is definitely not going to be a cheap proposition.
    2. You will need to sacrifice hair from other parts of the body. It might not be very comfortable for some people.
    3. The transplanted hair will fall off  after  a few weeks, The brand new bread that you will have will last for three weeks only. The transplanted hair will fall off, but after that, you will experience growth of new hair.
    Salena Martine
    Salena Martine
    Salena Martine is best known for her exceptional training for writer. In her “spare” time, Salena’s also the brains behind writing viral Health articles and a Zen Master, a mother, and a 5th Degree Black Belt.

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