Here’s how you can plan a cheap and outstanding family trip to Singapore

    For most travelers, December is the most-awaited month of the year. It’s the winter holiday season when there are no work pressures or appointments keeping them busy. It’s the perfect time to relax and spend time with family. What could be better than planning a long-pending Singapore family trip?

    It’s true that Singapore is a family holiday destination travelers mustn’t miss. Whether it’s the luxurious shopping centers, exciting adventure parks, or spic-and-span streets, every nook and corner of this island city is awe-inspiring. As such, planning a cheap family trip to Singapore shouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Planning an enjoyable family trip to Singapore on a budget

    Don’t be surprised to know that the vibe of this city can be enjoyed even on a shoestring budget. Wondering how? Follow the tips below:

    1. Book early

    It may be a bitter pill to swallow but traveling to Singapore can be a little expensive during the holiday season. So it’s recommended you book your flights early. Being an early bird when it comes to flight booking increases your chances of getting lucrative discounts. You can always refer to the Singapore public holiday calendar to know the best time to travel there. You should keep a lookout for the best airfare deals to get a cheap family trip to Singapore.

    2. Decide where to stay

    A family trip to Singapore would mean you have to pay extra attention to where you stay. Besides comfort, safety is something you shouldn’t compromise. But, most importantly, it should suit your pocket. Try booking your accommodation close to an MRT train station so that it’s convenient and cheaper to get around the city.

    Best neighborhoods: You can consider hotels and accommodations in popular Singaporean places like Chinatown, Clark Quay, and Little India.

    3. Purchase an EZ-Link card

    Getting an EZ-Link card would be an excellent option for commuting cheaply around the city. Instead of paying for each bus or train you take, why not have a smart card that saves you money? You can even spare yourself from the hassle of standing in long queues at train stations if you have this card.

    Where to find: You can get this card at all train stations in Singapore for about S$12, which also includes credit worth S$7.

    4. Consider foot courts for your meals

    One good part about Singapore is that nobody starves here. The island is blessed with a plethora of eateries, food courts, and food streets. It’s perhaps one of the most gastronomic Asian cities where you can satiate yourself with countless cuisines, both affordable and expensive.

    Best places to consider: If your family trip to Singapore is on a strict budget, consider eating at the food stalls in Chinatown or Lau Pa Sat Festival Market. These are fantastic places to relish Singaporean flavors for less than S$6.

    5. Feel free to drink tap water

    Singapore is considered one of the cleanest cities in the world. There could be many competitors here, but nothing can beat the country’s state-of-the-art water-purification system. A bottle of drinking water can cost you about S$2. If you wish to save money on drinking water, you can feel free to use the tap water here. Just carry a water bottle and keep refilling at any of the water stations you find in the city. It’s 100-percent safe.

    6. It’s okay to look for “free.”

    While traveling on a limited budget to Singapore, consider yourself lucky because there’s no death of free things to do in the city. Wondering what you can do here?

    • Entertain yourself by joining the open air movie mobs. You can see some really exciting movies here.
    • Treat yourself with nature’s touch by hopping on a trek on Southern Ridges.
    • Fly some kites around Marina Barrage.
    • Attend some free events at shopping malls. Your kids will surely love it.

    Going for these freebies can give you a taste of Singapore without drilling a hole in your pocket. It’s one good way to enjoy an outstanding but cheap family trip here.

    7. Shop at the local markets

    If you are a shopaholic, Singapore is the destination for you. The city is a mecca for fashionistas and gadget-freaks. Whether its unique souvenirs, fashion accessories or trendy footwear, the local markets here have almost everything under the sun. Name a brand, you will find it here—all at dirt cheap prices.

    Best places to consider: Bugis Market, So Galem Market, Chinatown Street Market, and Little Indian Arcade are shopping sites you must add to your list.

    A Singapore family trip shouldn’t prove expensive if you know the right places you must visit. Weigh different Singapore attractions in terms of cost and benefits so that you spend only on places of interest. At the same time, you must keep the needs of every family member in mind so that they get a memorable holidaying experience there.

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