Magic of discipline: The best resolution for 2019

    All of you are celebrating the new year in the best way possible. Yeah, it’s the end of 2018, so there must be something about resolution is in your mind. If not then you must.

    Actually, resolution matters only when you are a consistent person. You have discipline. It’s a big word.

    I was the person who always thinks about resolution and on the next day failed and then start from the next day and failed again.

    So I was not consistent in anything whether it is study or dance or writing or weight loss etc. I just wish everything and do hard work for a few days then all go into the trash.

    What makes me lacking everywhere was the only one word i.e. DISCIPLINE.

    2018 gave me discipline, I am grateful for. Thank you, God.

    I understood the value of time and discipline.

    Anything you want to achieve comes with discipline and understanding the value of time.
    If you would know, no one can stop you after that.

    I wish everyone can achieve whatever they wish for but you just have to be disciplined. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or teacher or parent or son or daughter man or woman.

    So let’s start with what you understand by discipline word.

    For me doing the same thing every day in the same manner at the same time, actually, is DISCIPLINE.

    [su_quote cite=”Buddha”]To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.[/su_quote]

    I would say I understood and apply a few tips so that I make myself Disciplined.

    1. Waking up Early in the morning

    Running men


    This really helps me a lot. You can see the most successful people in this world, They all follow their routine in the same way. And the most important one is Waking up Early i.e. Before Sunrise.

    When you wake up early, You can do your all urgent works or study or do yoga or exercise while the whole world is sleeping. See everyone has 24 hrs only and it is to you How you can use this. For eg. Apple CEO Tim Cook, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Our PM Mr. Narendra Modi etc. They all wake up before 6 am.

    For that, you need to go to bed early because the human body needs 7-8 hrs a day of sleep. If you start with only this habit, I would assure You will soon become a Disciplined person and become a success magnet. This is the most essential step.

    2. Make a journal daily

    journal writing with coffee

    The first step is waking up early then do your rituals and then start making your journal. This step you can do first thing in the morning or before sleep last night.

    Just make a list of few things let’s say 5-6 things that are necessary for you to be done. Start with the most important one and then gradually rank your tasks in the journal.

    In this process, you just reminded yourself what is important and what is not, so that you don’t indulge yourself in unnecessary tasks.  It is also not important to do all the stuff done but to complete, a single task will make you feel good and positive.

    3. Eating Healthy

    healthy food

    We are, what we eat. This is really a true saying I must say. I started eating healthy foods like Fruits and vegetables more and avoided packaged and processed foods. Anything comes from packaging and ready to eat is not good for your health and Anything comes from your kitchen is wonderful for your body.

    Eating habits actually play a vital role in decision making and thinking of a person. That is why people used to tell Students to eat healthy and less for getting their success.

    4. Reading Books

    Young girl reading a book

    Reading is actually a great habit, It is a boon for a person. If you want to be successful and disciplined, You must include this habit in your lifestyle. It doesn’t mean just finish a book in a day but read 2-3 pages of a self-developing book daily do wonders.

    5. Affirmations/Meditation

    jnana mudra close up pranayam

    What I experienced is saying affirmations like I am Happy, I am a success magnet, I become better and better every day etc, are similar of doing a guided meditation for 10 minutes.

    I did both one by one and then together also. I just felt positive and confident.

    I think these all steps do not only make you a disciplined person but also a Successful and Confident person. Discipline can make you magical. That is why you just need one resolution i. e. Discipline only.

    I followed these steps and lost 8 kg at home without going to any Gym or any kind of exercises.

    Shraddha Tripathi
    Shraddha Tripathi
    Shraddha Tripathi is an Engineer turned homemaker and a mom. She is a content writer by passion. She has created Shraddhatripathi89 as Quirky Woman Shraddha Tripathi. She writes articles on Parenting, Lifestyle, Fitness, Beauty, Reviews, Indian Recipes and Travel.

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