Hair Transplant: What you need to know

    Hair Transplant – An introduction?

    Hair transplant is basically a technique to remove healthy hair follicles from a portion of the scalp to the other. The portion of the scalp from where, healthy hair follicles are removed, is known as the donor area. The area of the scalp where the hair follicles are re transplanted is known as the recipient site. Interestingly presented for the readers, in this blog we carefully note down, certain very specific but common issues raise by patients who are interested to go for the process.

    Right age for undergoing hair transplant?

    Although this topic might seem to be odd for discussion, medical experts have revealed that, 21 years may be the ripe age to undergo the procedure. But, fortunately, there is no upper age limit.

    What is the exact number of hair graft needed to cover baldness?

    Although this is a very common question from patients who would like to undergo hair transplant, exact number of grafts cannot be stated as this vary. Individual requirements are different, and the growth of healthy hair follicles in the donor area sometimes determines the answer.

    Need for Hair Transplant

    The answer is simple. Permanent baldness resulting from excessive hair loss is the major driver. Temporary baldness can be addressed to a certain extent, through different strategies related to lifestyle transformation.

    More about managing the issue of Hair Loss: How to regain your Hair and Confidence

    Baldness can drive a low self esteem, poor confidence and can affect your personality to a large extent. But getting rid of baldness can actually help one in regaining confidence. Hair transplantation is a permanent procedure for getting rid of baldness, and here goes the details.

    The Procedure of Hair Transplant

    In order to create reader’s interest, we have jotted down the step by step procedure, in order to give a brief understanding of the hair transplantation procedure. The process goes as follows:

    • Cleaning the scalp
    • Injecting anesthesia on the donor site.

    The above two steps are common for all the technical processes followed. Following paragraphs shall reveal the details on the types of the procedure that are followed by medical experts in order to implement the process of hair transplantation.

    Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)

    • With FUSS, a 6- to 10-inch strip of skin is removed from the donor area. This donor area is usually from the back of the scalp. This region is covered by neighboring hair follicles.
    • Donor skin is broken into a distribution of 500 to 2000 grafts. Each graft is individual or a combination of healthy hair follicles.
    • The hair follicles implanted on the recipient area depend on the individual hair quality, type, color etc. Volume of hair growth on the recipient area can vary from an individual to another.

    Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure:

    Initially the back of the scalp (donor area) is clean shaven, before the hair follicles would be removed individually. This area gets healed later. Following this, the recipient area is prepared through cleaning and application of anesthesia in the recipient as well as the donor sites. Holes are prepared in the recipient area where healthy follicles are implanted. Hair Grafts are then implanted within the holes in order to get the desired outcome. The total process shall take about 4 – 8 hours approximately.

    Benefits of Hair Transplant

    Hair transplants have become very popular services, and are destined to offer a complete and permanent solution to baldness. Hair transplant is understood to be safe and reliable when performed by experienced surgeons. Few advantages of the process are as noted below:

    • Completely natural and safe
    • Enhanced technologically to produce a desired outcome
    • Minimum side effects
    • Consumes minimum time
    • Gives a natural outcome
    • Enhances the personality quotients of the patient involved

     After effects of Hair Transplant

    Although the procedure is normal, patients might undergo a certain amount of hair fall which is natural. Scars might be produced due to the operational procedure being followed. In rare cases, infection can happen, which requires medical intervention to some extent.

    Hair Transplantation – Pros & Cons

    Since the process involves surgical interventions following cautions are suggested:

    • The patient should not travel alone after the intervention. This is because hair transplantation requires anesthesia to be given to the patient which can cause nausea and a feeling of numbness
    • Remember to keep a dry scalp in order to facilitate the healing process.
    • Keep the recipient area on the scalp clean. Avoid using cosmetic inputs to allow faster healing
    • Allow yourself to follow proper medical instructions such as using an antibiotic cream on the area where intervention has taken place.
    • Sleep in an elevated posture to avoid swelling of scalp.
    • Use a shampoo which has been medically prescribed
    • Make regular visits to the clinic in order to keep a tab on progress
    • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your scalp in order to avoid infection.
    • It is better to apply ice packs on the recipient area to promote healing
    • Avoid exposing the scalp in sunlight after the transplantation has taken place
    • Avoid touching the operated area in the scalp to reduce automatic hairball.
    • Doctors suggest that you should not intoxicate yourself after the surgery. Therefore avoid alcohol consumption or smoking for that matter of fact.
    • Rigorous physical activity needs to be avoided
    • Steam bath or sauna is usually not prescribed after the surgery

    Having possibly answered to your queries on hair transplantation, please note that hair transplantation is an emerging market in India. Hair transplantation in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune , Chennai and Kolkata are much talked about during modern days. Basic services remain the same, although the technology followed remains to be pivotal to achieve desired outcome. Hair transplantation in Delhi, Mumbai etc can vary in terms of the price package as well as individual requirements.

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